Some Valentines Dinner Suggestions If You are Bringing Your Sweetheart to the National Conference

We asked a couple of Bethany – Naperville seasoned business entertainers to make a list of recommended restaurants in Naperville and Chicago for those who may want to bring their Valentine to the conference and go out for a special dinner Saturday night after the conference closes. If you have any questions please send me an e-mail at [email protected]  or call me at the church (630/355-2198).

Restaurants in Naperville and Chicago fill up fast on an ordinary Saturday and particularly on a Valentines night so we recommend you make reservations soon. The items with a * are my personal favorites. (Thank you Tom and Rich for for your work on this.)

Naperville    Area (all $ are per person excluding drinks)

Breakfast Lunch ($10)

Butterfields on Ogden,

*Egg Harbor – Naper center

Many lunch options at regular US chains.  For something you don’t get anywhere else, try Portillos’ (Real Chicago Hot Dogs,

Italian Beef, Maxwell Street-Style Polish Sausage, and a decent tuna steak sandwhich.   Also Great shakes.)

For the health conscious, a Whole Foods is right down the road from Bethany.  


White Fence Farm $17 – Great Fried Chicken

Drury Lane -dinner and play combo $51–Miss Saigon will be playing

CapriAmori Rte 59 $17

Brio -Yorktown Italian

Kiku –  Naperville  -Japanese-$25  – 630-305-3355  

Sushi House-Naperville -Japanese $35 some private screen rooms for 4 ,and one for 8 people

Braxton Oakbrook $35  great fish

*House of Emperor Chinese-$20 – Naperville  -630-983-8284  

Riva- continental-$50 – Naperville-630-718-1010

Tango-tapas-$45 – Naperville-630-848-1818

Ted’s Montana Grill $35 – 630-848-2255

Timpano-Italian   $35pp 630-753-0985

*Francescas (two Naperville locations) $20 – 630 – 946-0600

*Walkers-American – $30 – 630-637-9688

Catch 35- $65 Best fish in Naperville   Center  – 630-717 3500

*Hugo’s frog Bar-Naperville Center -$45 630-548-3764  -Steak and fish

*Sullivan’s–  $50 –  Naperville   Center  – Great steak   $65pp

Magianno’s Oakbrook -Italian–$50pp – Monster portions so share

Hotels-With Really Good Restaurants              

Renaissance Blue-Oakbrook -Hotel,dining on 9th floor with   great view-$65 (in shopping center on east side)

W Hotel- Lombard–*Harry Carray’s,,Holy Cow $75

Regular restaurants

Holiday Inn Bolingbrook,,also Naper and Diehl Road

Embassy suites


Harrison House -Bed and breakfast by North–630 420-1117 Central College



Hotel rooms routinely are over $300 dollars per night–Recommend Drake,Sheraton,Hilton –Valentines could be up charge,check web sites for deals


Blackbird-Continental-$65 -312-715-0708  

Roditis-Greek-South Loop downtown-$25 312 454 0800

*Italian Village -Downtown- $35- 312 332 700  0

*Gino’s -Pizza Downtown by Watertower-$25 -312 988-4200      

Cape Cod Room at the Drake- Fish-$75 312 932 4625

*Fogo de Chao Brazilian Gaucho Steak house–$55 best salad bar in Chicago-10 different meats served by Gauchos 312 932 9330  

Greek Islands-Greektown-near south side-$25 -312-782-9855  

*Harry Caray’s Downtown  Kinzie street  $75 –312 828 0966

Joe,s Seafood (Miami) Downtown–$75 – 312 379 5637

Lawry’s Prime Rib-Downtown- $65 – 312 787 5000

Catch   35 -Downtown–best fish in Chicago-$75

Kiki’s-Great food Near North Side-$65pp–312 335 5454

Jacks-Great food   Near North Side $55

Tuscany-Italian- near West side-$50 – 312-829-1990  

Jazz-night club

Pops for Champagne North Side – 312 266 POPS


Transportation to Chicago

Suggest  Metra train from Naperville–45 minutes and about $6 pp each way

Parking in Chicago is tight and expensive $25 –so ask where to park when calling for events-

Buses easily accessible from Train Station as are cabs

In Chicago-suggest the double decker tour bus ride past all attractions-can exit and return


Weather  in Chicago in Feb  could be blustery so Lakefront touring  may be  limited

Navy Pier  is  one site visit, then can  go to nearby artists area if interested

Museum of Science and Industry, Art Institute, Field, Shedd Aquarium,–weather proof visits Museum

In Naperville area–  

Downtown  Shopping with large variety of stores

Oakbrook    Mall-East of Naperville about 10 miles-Rte 83 and 22nd street

Discount name brand outlets – Rt88 west of Rte 59

If    inclement weather  –Yorktown mall  -Lombard(East of Naperville about 10 miles

                                                                    -Fox Valley mall- Rte 59 north of 75th street  

Again, call us (630/355-2198 at Bethany) or e-mailif you have any questions. We want your stay in Naperville to be as comfortable as possible.

If anyone has any other suggestions or  reviews on these please places please  comment below.

About Pastor Tim Rossow

Rev. Dr. Timothy Rossow is the Director of Development for Lutherans in Africa. He served Bethany Lutheran Church in Naperville, IL as the Sr. Pastor for 22 years (1994-2016) and was Sr. Pastor of Emmanuel Lutheran in Dearborn, MI prior to that. He is the founder of Brothers of John the Steadfast but handed off the Sr. Editor position to Rev. Joshua Scheer in 2015. He currently resides in Ocean Shores WA with his wife Phyllis. He regularly teaches in Africa. He also paints watercolors, reads philosophy and golfs. He is currently represented in two art galleries in the Pacific Northwest. His M Div is from Concordia, St. Louis and he has an MA in philosophy from St. Louis University and a D Min from Concordia, Fort Wayne.


Some Valentines Dinner Suggestions If You are Bringing Your Sweetheart to the National Conference — 13 Comments

  1. Can’t believe they left off two of the best places in Naperville:

    Hugo’s Frog Bar – their chocolatte mousee cake is the best dessert in Chicago, if you like chocolate!

    AND (how could Pastor Rossow miss THIS one, since he loves going there so much!)

    HEAVEN ON SEVEN – Great cajun food one block away from the famous Naperville Riverwalk.

  2. Hugo’s is on there (third from the bottom on the Naperville list) but you are right, leaving out Heaven on Seven is nearly a sin.

    Here is the reason (excuse?): I actually let others do a project for once and kept my “controlling little fingers” out of it. I merely was the publisher of the list. I am so virtuous, aren’t I?

    Pastor Rossow

  3. For all of you independent Lutherans from Arkansas who may be making the trip to Naperville:

    We forgot to mention that there is snack bar at the Naperville Wal Mart. If you want to take it up one level, there is also a snack bar at the Sam’s Club next door, but of course there you have to be a member. I could loan you my membership card. I love their pretzels! 🙂

    Pastor Rossow

  4. I am from Chicago, born and raised in the city. You are making me homesick, with this talk of all the great places to eat in Chicago. Real pizza, Italian beef, every ethnic food under the sun–ah, the good life! Yet here I sit, in this southern hick town of St. Louis. But hope is round the bend–I will be up in Chicago for the BJS conference!

  5. Metra has weekend passes, $5 for all day Saturday and Sunday. Parking at the Naperville stations is plentiful and free on weekends.

    For the cheap among us (or the vegetarian), we have Taco Bell, average dinner price $2 if you leave off the soda.

    The Naperville river walk is a 2 mile-long park along the west branch of the DuPage river. You’ll need to dress warmly especially in the evening, but its a nice walk in a safe environment. It’s free and much more interesting than shopping.

  6. Portillo’s! If you are in Chicago, you *must* go to Portillo’s (I think there’s one in or near Naperville) for an Italian Beef sandwich. Get it “wet” (dipped in au juice) and with the green peppers. Best thing you’ll ever eat this side of Heaven (assuming we might eat in heaven…)

  7. Don’t forget the Concordia RF student favorite on Harlem Avea., Mickey’s! While I was still there you could get a nice greasy double cheeseburger (The Big Mickey) for only $0.99! They also had some of the world’s best Riblet sandwichs served on garlic bread! I still have dreams about that place, especially hearing the guy at the register call out “One Lake Michigan!” if you ordered water to drink! It’s well worth it, and my mouth is watering just thinking about it! 🙂


  8. For all of you independent Lutherans from Arkansas who may be making the trip to Naperville:

    I don’t know if anyone from the parish will make it north; personally, I’ll be heading farther south and eating bunches of curry, fresh banana and papayas (with lime) and fried chili peppers on the 14th–as I will be inSri Lanka for a conference with the pastors of The Lutheran Church in Lanka. Pray that I don’t OD on rice! (I just love rice way too much for a diabetic!)

    Sam’s Club cards are given out for free to all registered voters in Arkansas, so I may have to check out that snack bar sometime…though, truthfully, if I could make it for the conference, I would likely run to Johhny’s It. Beef in RF and hit the little Greek breakfast places every morning to keep me from needing all that much food for the rest of the day. As it is, I’m looking forward to the Rev. Pres. Fernando bringing me breakfast from his wife’s kitchen every morning…little fried balls of yellow curried vegetables and boiled egg…sort of like a big filled hushpuppy. (Why can’t all church body presidents be like Raja?)

    We will remember the conference in our prayers in Minuwangoda.


  9. A couple of quick question, if you don’t mind…(I’ve looked elsewhere on the website, but haven’t found the answers, so forgive me if they’ve already been asked and answered):

    First, my spouse will be coming with me but not attending the conference. Do I need to enroll her anyway, so she can attend the Pizza Dinner & No Pietists Allowed fucntions with me, or is there another form of enrollment for spouses to sign up for those events only?

    Secondly, is there an advance sign-up for each of the seperate No Pietists Allowed functions with some kind of description and cost noted, or will we sign up when we get there? I don’t know haw much advanced planning these things will require, but I suppose a headcount might be necessary in advance.

    Hope these questions aren’t an extraneous waste of your time, but planning this trip from my end has been ridiculous (went from “I’ll fly in, enjoy the conference & fly back” to “We’re not going to be apart on Valentines, so I”m comming with you” to “The kids are out of school & I bet they’d enjoy a day in Chicago” to “Who really wants to drive 15 hours round trip for ONE day in Chicago, besides, I’ll miss spending Valentines with my boyfriend (my 17 year old daughter who doesn’t yet realize she just got her Aunt invited over to chaperone)”, so I’m sure you’re dealing ALL sorts REAL of issues and problems. Nonetheless, I’d be greatful if you could find a munite to address these questions. Thanks.

  10. There is also a Magianno’s at Freedom Drive near Naperville and Diehl roads, that’s a bit closer to Bethany.

    I’m also surprised that no one mentioned Lou Malnati’s in downtown Naperville. They do good Chicago-style (sauce on the top!) pizza and the cheddar cubes are just wonderful.

    And there is Meson Sabika for more tapas (the bacon-wrapped dates are incredible), in the $40-80 per person price range (this is a great place for large groups).

  11. The above list does not nearly exhaust food in the area. Downtown Naperville also has Quigley’s Irish Pub (Guiness Beef is awesome!), Giordano’s for pizza downtown. There are also two great breakfast places close to Bethany: Pancake Cafe and Creme de la Crumb. For family dining and ice cream: Colonial (1 mile from Bethany). Rosebud is also downtown Naperville. Mexican downtown Naperville: Potter’s Place. Down on 75th street are Buffalo Wild Wings and a new buger place: Meatheads (“Serious Burgers and Fries”). I didn’t see above that Home Run Inn Pizza mentioned, but there are two of those within easy drive of Bethany.

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