New ULMA Post: Report from Indianapolis: January 2009 General Meeting

(Editor’s Note: ULMA is the United Lutheran Mission Association. They are an independent confessional Lutheran group that is dedicated to establishing new confessional churches. Their posts are archived on the “Regular Columns” portion of the website.)


January 20, 2009


The United Lutheran Mission Association (ULMA) held their semi-annual meeting on January 10, 2009 in Indianapolis. In spite of bad weather, the meeting was attended (in person or by phone), by representatives from our missions as well as several visitors.


Rev. James Shaw and Mr. Jeremiah Hansen presented their report on Agnus Dei Lutheran Church in Fredericksburg, Virginia. The mission recently changed locations and now utilizes a conference room on the campus of Germanna Community College. The facility provides ample room for worship and Bible Study. During Bible Study the children’s Sunday School takes place in an adjacent room. Plans are already underway to see how a Vacation Bible School can take place in the summer.


Outreach takes many forms in the surrounding neighborhoods. It has been beneficial to use key words like “traditional” and “liturgical” in their communication. The mission is concentrating on other special events to help make their presence known. Rev. Shaw provided an interesting story about Germanna College and its tie to early American Lutheranism.


Mr. Patrick Schiefelbein from Sola Scriptura Lutheran Church in Wauwatosa (Milwaukee), Wisconsin reported on their congregation. Rev. Behling has recently begun outreach to Medical Students at the Medical College of Wisconsin. Efforts are still underway to find a new location to meet, since the current lease is up in March. Rev. Jack Cascione from Redeemer – St. Clair Shores, Michigan, was the guest preacher at their Thanksgiving service.


All those living in or visiting the Fredericksburg or Milwaukee area are encouraged to stop by the missions for worship and fellowship. Their respective websites (including contact information), are:


Agnus Dei – Fredericksburg, VA ::

Sola Scriptura – Wauwatosa, WI ::


The ULMA continues to hear from pastors and laymen around the country interested in starting and supporting mission work. ULMA representatives were able to present information to interested parties by telephone and Internet as well as in person. We were pleased to receive a donation for one of our missions from an LCMS congregation. It is important to remember that congregations do not have to be independent or change synodical affiliation in order to support ULMA or to be a member congregation. The ULMA is not a synod, but a mission association.


In preparation for future missions one of our member congregations will be calling another Missionary at Large. More information will be forthcoming as details become available. We were blessed last year to have a mission startup occur just before Pilgrim Lutheran Church in Decatur, Illinois, called Rev. Shaw as their first Missionary at Large.


Pilgrim – Decatur is considering hosting a forum on the current state of American Lutheranism. Many possible topics for presentations and format were discussed. It is key for like-minded Lutherans to come together to support one another and pursue God’s mission. The forum is still in the early planning stages and more information will be provided as it develops.


During the Question and Answer period one layman thanked us for the efforts we are undertaking with establishing mission congregations. A visiting pastor stressed the importance of lay involvement. The Commission is thankful to be able to serve in their small part.


Those who wish to find out more information on the United Lutheran Mission Association are invited to check out our website at: To be placed on our email list of news and events, just send an email


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We can be reached by email at:

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The Commission of the ULMA is anxious to talk to you and your congregation about what we do and how you can help. Visit the website mentioned above for contact information. We cannot do our work without your help and prayers.


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