High Honor for the Brothers – District President Dan Gilbert to Preach at the National Conference

Northern Illinois District President Dan Gilbert will be preaching the Vespers service Friday evening, February 13 at the Brothers of John the Steadfast National Conference. This is truly a high honor for the Brothers. We are also pleased to announce that Pastor Ben Ball from St. Paul Brookfield, Illinois will be preaching at the Divine Service Saturday afternoon.

One of the highlights of the conference, as it usually is when confesional Lutherans get together, will be the worship. The worship will be in the beautiful sanctuary of Bethany Lutheran, Naperville, Illinois. Worship will be led by the highly respected Cantor Phillip Magness, a men’s choir for vespers and a full adult choir for the Divine Service. The congregation and choirs will be accompanied by Bethany’s  40 rank, 3 manual,  pipe organ with 2,600 pipes including the trumpet enchimade. It is not too late to register. Click here for details.

The conference also features some great speakers: Chris Rosebrough, founder of Pirate Christian Radio and Pastor Todd Wilken, host of Issues, Etc. There will also be some great parties to choose from Friday night.

It will be quite an honor to have Bishop Gilbert preaching for vespers. Even though President Gilbert has supported Church Growth principles as a pastor and even now as District President, he has always been very respectful of the pastors in the Northern Illinois District who are more conservative and traditional. For example, Bishop Gilbert has been very respectful  of  and taken time to listen carefully to the Northern Illinois Confessional Lutherans, one of the longest-lived and most active of the confessional groups around the synod. NICL has written and  promoted such works as TTMBO (the document critical of the Yankee Stadium event which is  available on the NICL website).

We are pleased to have Bishop Gilbert accept our invitation to preach and hope that it will contribute in part, to bringing the LCMS together under our Lord’s pure Gospel.

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