The Kindling afer the LCMS’s Long Winter, by Phillip Magness

(Editor’s Note: This is a comment on Pastor Otten’s article yesterday on the Walther League in Canada. Regularly there are comments on this site that deserve a wider audience. I wish I could post them all. This one caught my eye because in the end it reminds us how much good is going on in Lutheranism.)

Inspiring post, Pastor.

I understand that in the 60’s the national Walther League fell under the sway of the “peace movement” and also the liberal theological currents of the day (historical criticism, etc.). They even invited the communist folk musician Pete Seeger to play/speak at their national conference! I don’t know if synod moved to put the kabash on them after that, if they just dwindled out due to a loss of real identity and the growth of other options for youth, or what. Probably a combination of things.

Put it really is a shame what happened to the Walther League. I know of a few couples 20-30 years older than me that met at WL functions. And they share the faith witnessed by Paul Pollex and the steadfast youth of Ontario so many years ago.

Thanks be to God that He has blessed a similar movement today for young, orthodox Lutherans: Higher Things. I have been blessed and encouraged by the witness and zeal of several young people who are or have been involved with HT, and have attended a couple of their national conferences.

Organizations like HT, BJS, Lutheran Heritage Foundation, and, of course, the radio program Issues, Etc., give me encouragement that the Lord is renewing our synod and kindling in us the fire of His love. It has been a long winter for the LCMS. Thanks be to God for this blessed spring!

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