Remember to keep your Pastor in your prayers at this busy time; new BoC edition coming out!

An item came across my desk from the Cyberbrethren email list this morning that I thought would be excellent to share with the Brothers of John the Steadfast.


Let’s be sure to remember our pastors in our prayers as they are preparing to preach on the Nativity of our Lord during these coming holy days of Christmas. Here is one such prayer, for you to consider using. And, be sure to tell your pastor you are praying for him, and when you do tell him that, then be sure to pray for him! God bless all those called to shepherd the flock of God over which the Holy Spirit has appointed them overseers.

O God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, my Lord and my God, I humbly pray that you would pardon my sins, and my pastor’s sins. Look not on our unworthiness but on your great mercy, by which you have appointed my pastor to be your ambassador in Christ’s stead. Put your word in his mouth and speak with his tongue. Bring forth fruits through his ministry and let not the preaching of your word be without effect in my life and in our congregation. O Lord, bless your servant, Pastor NAME.

May all that our pastor says be in accord with your word and the confession of your church, that your name maybe glorified, your congregation truly awakened, and thus, through him, your unworthy servant, your church be edified.

As you inhabited the praises of your people Israel, dwell in the praises of our congregation. Let the sacrifices of our praise be acceptable to you, and preserve us from insincerity and thoughtless worship.

Incline your ear to hear my prayer, O God of Jacob; hear the voice of my supplication and help us. Preserve unto us your holy word that it may be joyfully and boldly proclaimed in its truth and purity, and guard us in the right use of the Sacrament in accord with the institution of Christ, our Savior.

Be with and protect my pastor. Keep far from him the temptations of the Evil One. Use me, your unworthy servant, to care for and love my pastor and his family. Let me be to my pastor a faithful Aaron, holding up the prophet’s arms. Strengthen my pastor and give him joy and peace in his service to you and to our congregation.

Be our God and our children’s God, now and henceforth, and hear my prayer, O Father, for the sake of your dear Son, Jesus Christ, our blessed Savior, in the unity of the Holy Spirit, the Comforter divine. Amen.

Based on a prayer in the Pastoral Care Companion, p. xix.


Coming soon, in the New Year, a resource that all Brothers should not be without! Make it easier than ever to read the BoC without having to carry that huge book around!

Concordia: The Lutheran Confessions: Pocket Edition

This edition presents all the official texts of the Book of Concord, plus three appendixes of historic Lutheran writings, a “Book of Concord Reading Guide,” a Scripture index, and a subject index. It is only the texts of the Confessions, sans all the notes, pictures, introductions, etc. And, believe it or not, the type size is not super tiny! The standard for whether or not it would be a “pocket edition” was my colleague’s Rev. Ben Mayes ability to put it into his sport coat outer pocket. With that standard in mind, this qualifies!

Read more about it here and place your order. If your group or congregation orders ten or more copies you can get it for only $10.99 otherwise, it is $14.99.

God bless!
Norm Fisher

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