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Okay, I’m getting reports from all over about the most recent Board of Directors meeting. One of the more interesting details from the meeting is that the financials for the Ablaze! fundraising component (called Fan Into Flame) were released and they are nothing short of disastrous. This is probably not news to any of you but some details would be nice and I’ll share them soon.


News to come — 7 Comments

  1. Now, now, remember you can’t make any comments or criticisms until you personally meet with everyone involved and totally accept their account of things. Otherwise we shall beat you over the head with a misapplication of the 8th Commandment. 😉

  2. The only “fundraising” that’s being done is outside consultants picking Lutherans’s pockets.
    Our grandfathers, reputed to be “hayseeds”, were smarter than that! ‘Fer shur’ it ain’t their church these days!

  3. What on earth were the consultants smoking when they came up with Ablaze! ™? Did they really think they were serving Christ’s church or were they simply pedaling snake oil to the good old LCMS? Whatever the case I hope the stick John 2:16 in their pipes and smoke it.

  4. As I understand it, the consultants did what they were initially hired to do. They were hired to come up with a program to raise money, and that’s what they did. Probably no reason to disparage the consultants, but rather those who hired them.

  5. Mollie,

    Do you think we’ll get your report this week on that B of D meeting and the Fan into Flame financials?

    I appreciate that it takes time to get the facts checked out and to follow up with all your sources – especially during this busy time of year! – but reamin interested in this news.

    It’ll be interesting to read the ‘hard news’ on this as the actual figures become available.

  6. The BOD Minutes won’t be ready until the end of next week. I have been getting a bit of conflicting information and apologize for the delay.

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