Improvements to Navigation on This Site

A quick announcement from your behind-the-scenes programmer here at BJS ..

I’ve added a “Related Posts” section to the right column when you are reading posts. In most cases, this should bring up a listing of additional posts that are related in some manner to the post that you are currently reading. For example, when reading one of Mollie Hemingway’s posts, this should show the last 12 posts that she has written on the site.

It follows the categorization system that we have set up on this site; most of which is found on our Regular Columns section.

Unfrotunately we aren’t always, ummm, detail-oriented when posting articles on the site, so we don’t always categorize them correctly. If you notice an article that has an odd-looking list of related articles, please contact me sending me a link to the post (or the post title, whatever you can provide).

We hope tha this helps you in your navigation of this site. As always, if you have any suggestions for how we could do things better, please don’t hesitate to fill our suggestion box!

Norm Fisher

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