BJS National Conference: If They Can Make it from Florida and Washington, then so Can You

Registrations for the Brothers of John the Steadfast National Conference are already coming in. We have people registered from as close as Naperville and central Illinois, and as far away as Florida and the state of Washington. If they can make it from Florida and Washington then you can make it from wherever you are. Well, except maybe our readers in Japan, the Czech Republic and Scandivia – but we would love to have you join us as well.

The focus of the conference is on promoting  courageous new Lutheran media, one of the goals of the Brothers organization. Our featured speakers are Pastor Todd Wilken and layman Chris Rosebrough. They are both pioneers in new, confessional Lutheran media.

In addition to the plenary sessions with the speakers there will be plenty of opportunity for authentic Lutheran worship led by one of the premier cantors of the LCMS, Phillip Magness. There will be lots of man food such as pizza, subs and a protein and fat laden breakfast   hosted by Pastor Rossow. In addition to all of that there will  be several “No Pietists Allowed” parties to choose from on Friday night including a wine tasting hosted by Chris Rosebrough (in the home of Tom and Elaine Gavin – our “Steadfast Parish of the Month” editor), a visit to a local chocolate bar, and trips to various other hot spots in  Naperville including two Irish pubs and a German wine stube (bar).

Even though the Brothers is primarily a men’s group, women are certainly welcome to attend the conference. We have even had the honor of a few women joining the Brothers group. Also, don’t forget that just thirty minutes away is all that the great city of Chicago has to offer. Husbands bring you wives and/or wives bring your husbands  to the conference and stay an extra night and day for a great visit Valentines visit to the windy city. (We recomend that if you do, that you try to avoid the politicians – they can get you in a lot of trouble.)

You can register via Paypal or by check. Details can be found on our conference registration page. Hope to see you in Naperville next February for confessions, conviviality and chocolate!

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