BJS is Now Officially an International Organization with a New Chapter in Canada.

From the outset we have intended  that the Brothers of John the Steadfast  be an international group. Since its inception we have had website readers from around the world, most of whom are Americans living abroad. Now we can officially claim international status since we have a chapter started up in Canada.

Peter Dobias at St. Luke Lutheran Church in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada has a men’s Bible study group that will be sponsoring the chapter. (If you go to the website, be sure to note the simple, Christ-centered, liturgical description of worship at St. Luke.) Welcome aboard Peter and our other new  brothers up north!

This is now our eighth BJS chapter. St. Luke’s joins a group that includes BJS posts in California, Illinois, Michigan, New York, Florida and Kansas.

As with all of our chapters, we will keep our readers abreast of their activities on the BJS Newsreel Column on the Regular Columns page of the website. This story and others are archived there.

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