As We Predicted Pentecostal Woman Pastor Who Led Worship at Texas LCMS Youth Gathering was More than an Organist (Details on the Wittenberg Trail), by Pr. Rossow

As we predicted would happen, Kari Jobe was more than an organist at the Texas LCMS Youth Gathering last week. She gave commentary in between her songs as is typical of musicians leading “contemporary” worship. She is a pentecostal, woman pastor. This is on of the reasons we are concerned about this gathering. A Pentecostal woman pastor gave spiritual commentary on the music she led at an LCMS youth gathering. Our synod is slowly but steadily losing its Lutheran character and is becoming a “Bapticostal” denomination of American Evangelicalism.

Here is a quote from a young man at the gathering.

I can’t even determine who exactly gave the sermon for the service. Pete Couser, the bible study leader opened the service by giving the reading for the day and gave a short talk about it and about the entire weekend. Later, Pastor Pete Luedemann came on stage and gave yet another sermon of sorts. (Not to mention that he came on stage without any shoes on) These two people plus Kari Jobe and her commentary between every song made it difficult to determine who was giving the message and made me think why they couldn’t stick to one central message instead of multiple mini-messages.

You can read more of this interview and another at the Wittenberg Trail. They also have several videos posted on the site. I recently got on the trail and recommend that you do so as well. Eric Comstock and others have done a great job of creating an online community devoted to the discussion of all things Lutheran.

Here are some other past stories on BJS concerning the gathering:

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