WWCFWWD “’What Would C. F. W. Walther Do?’ Nearly Live Blogging from St. Louis

Dr. Martin Noland just finished his presentation to the Walther conference in St. Louis. Dr. Noland has written in both of our first two issues of the Steadfast Quarterly and was the opening speaker today. BJS got some good publicity when Dr. Noland mentioned that his paper on the structure recommendations was published on our site. The first questioner, during the question and answer period, came to the microphone and asked if Dr. Noland could repeat the website address and Dr. Noland enunciated words near and dear to our ears: www – dot – steadfast Lutherans – dot – org.

His presentation was based on an essay Dr. Walther wrote in 1879. The presentation was sobering to hear in the context of today’s LCMS since Walther so clearly asserted that the number one duty for an evangelical synod is to be faithful to the Lutheran Confessions in word and deed. The fourth of the six duties according to Walther is heartfelt by the Brothers of John the Steadfast because Walther stated that an evangelical Lutheran synod is to promote the growth of its members in the knowledge of the truth, one of our key goals here at “The Johnny Boy.”

Pastor Henrickson from Bonne Terre, Missouri entertained the gathering by raising the specter of a WWCFWWD program in his question for Dr. Noland, i.e. “What would C.F.W. Walther Do” if he were the president of the synod today. Dr. Noland gave a diplomatic response saying that maybe that is what all the participants of the conference could consider over the next two days and then give him the answer after we are all enlightened about Walther.

Still to come from St. Louis: Dr. Baue, Pastor Todd Wilken and Pastor Harrison!

Pastor Rossow

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