Matt Harrison’s Emphasis on Doctrine is a Godly Change of Pace After “Glory Bound,” Task Force Proposals, and Ayers Petition News

The Brothers of John the Steadfast was established to encourage laymen to know and promote confessional Lutheranism and to support new Lutheran media such as Issues, Etc. One component of the group is this website which is used to teach confessional Lutheranism and to alert the Brothers to news on the confessional landscape.


Since our inception on June 25th of this past summer, we have had a lot of interesting stories. In the last few days it has been a joy to report on and offer stimulating opinion pieces on Matt Harrison’s paper “It’s Time.”


Why has it been such a joy? Because in addition to all of our positive reporting and teaching about confessional reading groups starting up and Pastor Preus’ articles on Closed Communion and Nestorian Christology, we have had to deal with numerous disconcerting news stories in the LCMS. Our “reporting blogger” Mollie Ziegler Hemingway has alerted us to a few stories of concern along the way such as the less than fully Lutheran line up for “Glory Bound,” the upcoming Texas Lutheran Youth Gathering, the growingly unpopular LCMS Task Force Proposals along with a scoop sent in by a concerned reader about the seven Concordia Chicago professors who signed a petition supporting the Marxist-anarchist William Ayers.


In contrast, Matt Harrison’s synod-stirring paper is the type of thing that builds up the Brothers of John the Steadfast and all our other readers. The Brothers organization is committed to teaching Lutheran doctrine to laymen and Pastor Harrison’s position on where the synod should move is based precisely on that very thing – sound doctrine.


Who is Matt Harrison? I for one do not know that much about him. I have never met him and I am not sure that a single member of the 12 person BJS steering group has ever meet him, or if they have, have spent much time with him. This much we know, Pastor Harrison is the Executive Director of the synod’s human care department. The synod’s official website has more information about Pastor Harrison and his work directing the caring touch of our synod around the world. There is even a link there to his professional blog


We here at BJS are grateful to Pastor Harrison for writing this ground-breaking article. His emphasis on repentance and pure doctrine as the only godly source of direction for our synod is spot on target with what we are trying to accomplish with our new Lutheran men’s group, the Brothers of John the Steadfast.


The Rev. Dr. Timothy A. Rossow

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