Lutherans for Life (Mollie)

Because of the election of the most pro-choice president in our nation’s history, I wouldn’t be surprised if this year’s March for Life has particular significance. The inauguration will be on January 20 and the march, held annually on the anniversary of the date the Supreme Court decided Roe V. Wade, will be January 22.

The Northern Virginia chapter of Lutherans for Life hosts the activities for Lutherans nationwide and you are welcome to join us for the march. In fact, if you need housing for yourself or your group, we will help arrange complementary lodging with host families.

A worship service will be held at my church, Immanuel Lutheran in Alexandria, Va., in the morning. Then we’ll eat brunch and carpool to the rally a few miles away in Washington, D.C. The march begins near the White House and ends at the Supreme Court.

To join the LFL delegation that day, or for more information, please email Dennis Di Mauro. His email is his full name at yahoo. Also, please let me know if you’re coming. It’s always nice to see Lutherans and Steadfast readers would be a particular treat.

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