It’s Time (by Mollie)

I haven’t had time to read this yet as my family is preparing to head to Hawaii for a cousin’s wedding.

But it is the BUZZ OF THE BLOGOSPHERE right now.

It’s a paper on LCMS Unity and Mission by Rev. Matthew Harrison. It’s called “It’s Time.”

You can read it here.

[[ Editor’s Note: I found the document very difficult to read there, so I’ve prepared a PDF file and made it available here ]]

Also, any readers on Oahu? Suggestions for church?


It’s Time (by Mollie) — 4 Comments

  1. While a lot of the discussion seems to be oriented at papering over differences, there is one sentence that could have been straight from Rev. Todd Wilken:

    The more the central offices become like a corporation, think like a corporation, act like a corporation, are governed like a corporation, dominated by constitution and bylaws instead of the pulsing heart of theology (Christ), the less funding will come to the national offices.

    The difference is that Matthew Harrison thinks the corporatism can and should be voluntarily reversed by LCMS Inc., while Pastor Wilken seems to think it will never happen — and (like us Continuing Anglicans) the only answer is to say goodbye and good riddance.

    As a student of organizations, I have to agree with Pastor Wilken’s view. Pastor Harrison articulates a nice ideal, but I don’t see how you can get here from there: the number one goal of a bureaucracy is to perpetuate itself — mission be damned. It’s conceivable that you could have new elected leadership that could change funding and staffing priorities. But from what I’ve read in various LCMS blogs, that election outcome is pretty unlikely.

  2. You and Pastor Wilken may be right, Visiting Anglican: the institutional power of “bylawsism” may indeed triumph over true mission. The LCMS may have reached a point-of-no-return with its bureaucratic largesse.

    But I still hold out hope for old Missouri. The laity rose up and won the “Battle for the Bible” in the 1970’s, and the growth of organizations like BJS encourage me that a similar renaissance may be happening today as well. I am seeing a groundswell of support for new leadership in the LCMS, and think that the situation “on the ground” is much better than the pessimism in some quarters of the blogosphere.

    If this does happen, methinks there may be some conservative Anglicans who might develop an appreciation for our ecclesiology! 😉

  3. We’re not quite to the critical juncture that is facing so many in the Anglican Communion… but I’ve watched the TEC and the way church canons have been trounced and stomped on during the past year, and I worry for my own church body.

    We’re closer to the abuses of ++Katharine Jefferts Schori and the leadership of the TEC than we realize.

  4. There is indeed a way the corporatization of the synod could be reversed: Elect Matt Harrison as the new president!

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