Harrison Paper Brings A Record Day for the Website – You Can Make a Difference by Passing it On

We had 203 new readers come to the BJS website yesterday. That is our highest one day total since we started back on June 25. We also had a total of 1,443 unique visitors come to the site yesterday. That is our second highest one day total, second only to the day after the task force proposals on structure were released back in August. We have added over 3,000 new readers in the last four weeks and have had somewhere in the neighborhood of over 12,000 total unique visitors since we came online. Maybe most impressive of all is that we had 701 downloads of Harrison’s pdf, It’s Time, yesterday.

Most of this readership has come because of you. As you know, most website growth is due to the viral character of the internet and we ask you to spread the virus even farther and faster today. Whether you agree or disagree with Matt Harrison, his thesis needs to get out to as many Lutherans as possible, particularly LCMS Lutherans. That is in your hands. Please take some time today and pass this website on to your pastor, elders, friends, acquaintances and fellow church members, whether they are confessional or not. They do not have to agree with everything written on this website but they deserve the chance to read it and consider it. Having done so, hopefully the message of Bible-believing, Christ-centered, cross-focused, traditional, confessional Lutheranism will begin to resonate with them.

Pastor Rossow

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