Confessions Reading Group Ticker Update: They’re Reading the Augsburg Confession at Augsburg Lutheran Church and there’s Now a Group in the Tetons I Wish I Could Attend Each Monday

How appropriate – they are studying the Augsburg Confession at Augsburg Lutheran Church in Shawnee, Kansas. We have added them and four other groups to the Confessions Reading Group Ticker.

All of us should be studying the Augsburg Confession and the whole Book of Concord  even if our church is named St. Paul Lutheran, First Lutheran or even North Cornstalk Lutheran Church. More on that below but first, how about reading the Book of Concord in the shadow of the Grand Tetons – one of my favorite places on earth? That is exactly what they are doing at Redeemer Lutheran Church in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Anybody for reading the confessions in the morning and then taking a little afternoon boat ride across Jenny Lake for a moose-spotting hike up  Cascade Canyon? We also have added groups  to the ticker from Alexandria, Virginia; Bismark, North Dakota;  and Plano, Texas.

President Kieschnick may have his thousands (the critical moment ticker) but we have our tens. Two tens to be exact.  We can make it three tens if  you write in and tell us you have started a group or report an existing group. Write me at [email protected] and we will add you to the ticker. If you have sent me your information and you do not see your group on the list, please send me a new e-mail and we will get you  listed.

Talk to your pastor and ask him to start a reading group. Or if your pastor won’t start one, start one on your own and if you have any questions join the chat group over at and I am sure there are several pastors on line there who would take the time to answer your questions or you can send your questions to me at [email protected].

There is further information describing confessions reading groups and instructions on how to start them on our Confessional Growth page.

Happy studying you tens of groups! I am off to book my flight to Jackson Hole. If that doesn’t work out, maybe I’ll just drive up to Bismark and check in with Pastor Thompson’s group. They don’t have the Tetons in Bismark but I bet I could get a nice cold Lutheran beverage. Either way, I will need to get back quickly to lead our group here at Bethany, Naperville which meets again tonight for another session of  our seven year old study group.

Pastor Rossow

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