Anyone Out There Going to “Glory Bound” and Willing to Report the Brothers?

Is there anyone out there amongst our ¬†readers that is going to the Texas Lutheran Youth Gathereing and culd give us a report? If so please e-mail me at [email protected].

Some of the things to look for include: 1) listening to hear if Kari Jobe says anything. We are told that she is going to be like an organist and so we have nothing to worry about but my guess is that she won’t be able to keep her mouth shut in between songs as is usually the case with contemproary musicians – they think they are preachers; 2) speaking of her songs, listen to the lyrics ¬†she sings and see if they are genuinely Lutheran, i.e. Scriptural – if you don’t mind wasting $20 maybe you could buy one of here CD’s so you can get the lyrics in writing; 3) listen to see if the dynamic teaching of the Water’s Edge guys is actually Christ-centered and cross focussed or if it is like what is reported from the Southern California district where their fellow pastor spoke (see the next post); 4) see if the social Gospel peddled by the other speakers is rooted in the cross or of it is serving one’s neighbor for duty’s sake? Be creative, come up with your own criteria.

For you supporters of the gathering, and we know you are reading this, please feel welcome to write a defense of the gathering.

The Rev. Dr. Timothy Rossow

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