Ablaze!(tm) hymn, from Mollie

I don’t know why but I love visiting the Ablaze!(tm) site to read the latest Ablaze!(tm) stories. These are where people share their examples of faith-sharing. And that’s how it’s written: “Share your Ablaze! faith-sharing.” It’s like the Ablaze!(tm) counter skips another 100,000 each time you use the word share.

Anyway, the stories were a bit boring this time so my eyes wandered down to the new Ablaze!(tm) hymn.

I have to share the lyrics:

One mission, one message, one people in Christ!

Tune: “Immortal, Invisible, God Only Wise” (LSB 802)

One mission, one message, one people in Christ!
Empow’red by His Spirit, together we rise.
To praise and adore Him who now as of old,
Continues to care for us within His fold.

One mission, one message, one people of God!
Together we follow and speak out His Word.
Together we tell of His great love abroad.
Together we serve Him throughout the whole world.

One mission, one message, one people: Proclaim!
And heed Christ’s commission to go in His name.
Baptizing and teaching His Word far and wide,
Through peril and trouble He stays by our side.

One mission, one message, one people: Rejoice!
Sing out Jesus’ mercy with united voice.
Join in celebration—in Christ we are one!
Extol God the Father, the Spirit, the Son.

To me, this hymn talks about sharing the Gospel rather than actually sharing the Gospel. It reminds me of something I heard Pr. Wilken say once about the difference between a husband talking about being intimate with his wife and actually being intimate with her. But sometimes I’m too critical.

What do you think of the Ablaze!(tm) hymn?

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