Steadfast Quarterly Vol. I, #2 On the Website

Because one should not have to pay for good steadfast theology, once our dues paying members get the Steadfast Quarterly we like to put it up on the site for everyone’s edification. Click here for the online pdf version.

This issue includes the standard introductory letter from Pastor Wilken, the much anticipated article from the Rev. Dr. Noland on the LCMS structure proposals, our new feature on lay vocations by attorney Craig Parton and more.

If you are not currently a dues paying member we hope  reading this journal online will move you to join the Brothers of John the Steadfast  because afterall you can’t take your laptop with you into the household reading room. Hard copy is still good for something.

Seriously, annual dues paying members receive the quarterly mailed to their homes  by first class postage four times a year and also receive several gift items in the new member packet. The quarterly is illustrated in full color, printed on high quality, 24 lb. bright paper with a glossy, coated, cardstock cover.  More importantly by joining BJS you are showing solidarity with the other brothers and helping us keep this website online as well as helping to support Issues, Etc. and other new confessional media. We hope you will join us.

Pastor Rossow

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