More International News – Sisters Group Started in Czech Republic

Here is a comment we recieved yesterday on the site from Ashley in the Czech Republic.

From a reader in the Czech Republic: I don’t know if you have more than one reader in CZ, but if not, then I’m it. I’m not Czech, but rather an LCMS missionary in CZ. I have been following Steadfast Lutherans for a while after repeatedly hearing your spot on Issues, Etc. After hearing about BJS groups so many times, I talked to a friend, another LCMS missionary living close by, and we decided to start our own BoC reading group, and we’re informally calling ourselves the Sisters of John the Steadfast. I hope you don’t mind us stealing the name…

We don’t mind at all. We are honored. We will be updating our confessions reading group ticker later this month and are enthused to be adding our first international group.

Once we get through  the men’s group start-up process we intend to start a parallel group for women. In the meantime, even though we are a men’s group, we welcome women to join. Just click the “Join Now” button above, register, pay your dues and you are a member.

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