Fiction reading: LCMS Board Briefs, by Mollie

The “Board Briefs” article in the print edition of the October Reporter on the request for the “Issues, Etc.” name is fiction. It states:

…the former host and producer would like to continue using the name “Issues, Etc.” in connection with their new radio program. An agreement has been reached that has been approved by the Board of Directors in principle.

The article goes on to enumerate various parts of the “agreement.”

Except that no agreement has been reached. I don’t even know if it had been presented to the “Issues, Etc.” team at the time the story was published.

Sometimes it feels like the LCMS communications are just a special brand of incompetence. Sigh.


Fiction reading: LCMS Board Briefs, by Mollie — 9 Comments

  1. What was especially unnerving about the supposed agreement is that Rev. Wilken and Schwarz “will not disparage the LCMS or cast it or its members in a negative light.” WOW!! No dissension or criticism allowed!

  2. I thought LCMS Inc. had no trademark rights to “Issues Etc.”?

    Why would they expect a show with no listeners to be able to disparage a great big Synod???? Hmmmmm……

  3. Perhaps I am behind on the news, but is it true that Rev. Wilken and Mr. Schwarz “have requested the use of the name Issues, etc.”? (quote from the Reporter article)

    Just curious.

  4. Pastor Wilken just did a brief open mics segment on Issues Etc addressing this Board report. The download itself isn’t up yet but it should be soon under the On Demand section of

    Suffice it to say, though, that the Board report is wrong.

  5. Just because it wasn’t communicated to Rev. Wilken doesn’t mean that the BoD isn’t in agreement. 😉 Don’t you get it Mollie? The definition of communication within the Synod is “it’s up to you to find out what we’re up to.”
    Or maybe they’ve cut back on spending so far at the SOB that they couldn’t afford to snail mail/e-mail or call the principles.

  6. The US Patent and Trademark Office cancelled LCMS, Inc.’s registration of “Issues, Etc.” as a service mark on 1999-10-25 because LCMS, Inc., failed to file a §8 Declaration of Continued Use. In other words, LCMS, Inc., lost the service mark due to their negligence. Note that this happened when Don Matzat was still doing the program. Harry Madsen (a long time listener and supporter) of Arlington Heights, IL, applied for the “Issues, Etc.” service mark on 2008-05-31 (on behalf of Todd and Jeff). You can verify this at the PTO’s web site.

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