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  1. I guess I am wondering if this is an isolated incident or if it pandemic? While I suspect the worst I really do wish this to be an isolated occurrence. Anybody know if this assignment of funds to groups such as the Boy Scouts or the like is being done elsewhere in the Ah-blaze program?

  2. This begs the question of whether they’d pony up for formation of a Brothers Of John The Steadfast chapter or two.

    I mean, think about it: What better way to attract thinking guys (and gals) to consider membership in the Lutheran church than to offer a voluntary organization dedicated to fellowship through learning about the church/religion.

    I’m sure the moneys would be used in similar fashion for the two groups. [What exactly does a group have to pay for, in forming a Cub Scout troop? I really don’t know what the parents pay for, vs. the troop. The Girl Scouts of America regional and national orgs demand a good deal of money from their members and the BSA may have similar requirements. So … Ablaze funds could be going to the corporate offices of BSA? Just asking.]

    Anyway, potential BoJtS chapters could use the Ablaze funds, I suppose, to pay for curriculum materials, mailing, chapter website expenses, or stipends toward membership dues for potential members who need a little $ help.

    Just a thought.

  3. In response to “A Walther descendant”

    That’ll happen – just after JK apologizes for his backing of the syncretistic/pagan prayer of Benke

  4. A Walther descendant,
    A chapter of secular consultants would have a better chance of being funded by Ablaze! funds. Oh, thats right, they already have been.

  5. Anonymous,

    This will be hard to believe but the chief consultant on the Ablaze project from that secular “chapter” is a member of my congregation. We seldom agree on much but indeed, he attends regularly.

    Scouts honor!

    Pastor Rossow

  6. And all this happens while we pull funds from full-time missionaries.

    Truly disheartening.

  7. Pastor Rosow,
    I’m speechless. And that’s a good thing for someone who speaks out of ignorance like I often do.

    It’s good to know the chief consultant is a Lutheran cared for by such a fine under- shepherd, especially since he doesn’t appear to be following his own consultation by attending one of those Lutheran churches which are On Fire!(tm).

    I trust as his pastor you have a nice Ablaze!(tm) polo shirt.

  8. Anonymous,

    Better than that, I have a bright red, long sleeve, button down oxford! No kidding, scouts honor.

    Actually I don’t quite remember where it ended up. I think it has gone into the abyss.

    It came to me as a practical joke via a particular department, believe it or not, again I kid you not, at Concordia Chicago. That dept. will remain nameless. It came to them unsolicited as a promotional item (your offerings at work) and they didn’t want it and so someone snuck it into my oficce one day as a practical joke. I let it sit there for about a month just to give people a start.

    I suppose instead of just throwing it away, I should have taken it to the Ablaze re-sell it shop that was started in the next circuit over from us with Ablaze grant money. (Again, I kid you not.) Every person who walks through the door of this place gets added to the counter at LCMS Inc. headquarters.

    Truth is stranger than fiction.

    Pastor Rossow

  9. A scout is trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave and reverent. And who knows–may even become ‘lutheran.’

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