Where do Ablaze!® funds go? (Mollie)

According to the LCMS Web site, “Ablaze! ® began as a vision of LCMS World Mission to involve every member of the LCMS, its partner church bodies, and partner mission agencies in one focused and concentrated effort to share the Good News of Jesus Christ with those who do not yet know Him.”

But what are Ablaze! ® funds used for? In the South Eastern District’s Circuit 9, the mission committee will be voting on Saturday, October 4th on a grant application for Ablaze! ® funds.

Let’s look at what the funds are going for.

Let me just give you the “full name of the ministry” as it says on the application form:

Cub Scout Pack 95

Now, I have no problem with the Boy Scouts. My husband was one and he found the experience a good one. I can certainly see the communitarian benefits of hosting a Cub Scout pack.

But there should be no confusion about the benefit of hosting a Cub Scout pack in your community room and the declared “LCMS World Mission vision” of sharing the Gospel with those who do not know Christ. We’re bringing home missionaries so we can fund Cub Scout packs? Really?

And how many notches will the Ablaze! ® counter go up for this?


Where do Ablaze!® funds go? (Mollie) — 8 Comments

  1. In the Northern Illinois District Ablaze funds supported a used clothing store and I do believe that every shopper is counted as a tick on the Ablaze counter.

    Pastor Rossow

  2. It sounds like LCMS World Missions has made a similar error as to the Pentecostals. The Pentecostals rip one spiritual gift, speaking in tongues, out of context & make it the be end all of being a Christian.

    LCMS World Missions rips one spiritual gift, evangelism, out of context & makes it the be end all of being a Christian. If you’re not evangelizing or giving your all to support evangelizing, you’re somehow not fulfilling Christ’s Commission. Of course, they also get Christ’s Commission wrong, too, but that’s another story.

    It really is the new monasticism. Lord, have mercy!

  3. Occasionally, Ablaze money is spent on something good, as happened at Holy Trinity in Hacienda Heights, where they use the money for a Chinese mission (about 40% of the population in Hacienda Heights is Chinese).

    (I would post the link to the appropriate page on Pr. Cwirla’s Underground Blog, but it appears that giving links to other web sites is no longer allowed. I tried that three or four times and none of those comments got posted. Maybe this one won’t get posted either.)

  4. Stan,

    I’ve encountered this on other websites, that posts with links get automatically put in the spam filter or held back for review before posting.

    Generally you have to contact the website administrator to see if they can rescue your posts from spam limbo.

  5. Stan — two of your postings were found; one that appears the best was de-spammed.

    Sorry for this situation; it is temporary and as soon as I can get “back to it” I’ll resolve the issue, but everyone .. PLEASE read the text above when you are writing a comment — simply click on my name, tell me that the comment isn’t appearing on the site, and I’ll investigate it and resolve the issue!

    Norm Fisher

  6. An equally obvious question: Is Ablaze! worth it? If one had taken all the money spent on the Ablaze! movement and spent it on inner city congregations and missionaries instead of on conferences, non-Lutheran consultants, advertising, glitzy publications, and give-aways, wouldn’t that have constituted a better stewardship?

    Will those men be held accountable for frivolously squandering the offerings of God’s people?

    As for Hacienda Heights . . . It isn’t “Ablaze!” money.

    It isn’t as if there were “Ablaze!” money and LCMS money. One would hope that if we had never heard of Ablaze!, the Synod would be supporting missions, Hacienda Heights, etc., not cutting notches in the belt of a church-within-a-church ecclesia ecclesiola parachurch propaganda machine. The problem with Rev. Cwirla’s endorsement of the Ablaze! money for Hacienda Heights is that it is also a kind of endorsement for Ablaze! — as if there are “good” parts and “bad” parts of Ablaze! and we have to separate and distinguish between them. Hogwash.

  7. The point of Mollie’s post is NOT that all Ablaze! funds are wasted. They’re not.

    The point is that almost anything can pass for evangelism under Ablaze!

    Bear in mind that the South Eastern District’s Circuit 9 mission committee hasn’t yet voted to give Ablaze! money to a cub scout pack.

    If they do, we should ask them to explain how a cub scout pack qualifies as “sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ.”

    It’s a fair question.


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