Trademarking love (Mollie)

So I hear that the LCMS has obtained a legal trademark on the phrase:


When I served on the Board for Communication Services, the unelected corporate executives who more or less control the Synod tried to run a huge million-dollar ad campaign with the phrase “Christ’s love is here for you.” They kindly mentioned it to us right before we, the appointed board in charge of synodical communications, would have to approve it. We urged that it be changed to “Christ is here for you.” And we had all these cool ideas about sacramental imagery that would work in print campaigns. How cool would it be to have that phrase with a picture of a baby being baptized or an old man receiving communion?

Anyway, I didn’t really think the phrase could get worse. But now we’re not even mentioning Christ?



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  1. Thoughts of an advertising professional on a Sunday after football:

    “This Bud’s for you”

    His Love’s for you?

    Oh wait, I am getting paid for this:

    Now that’s catchy! I am Ablaze! Oh, I better write that down, too.

  2. “His Love is Here for You®”

    Wow, that’s edgy. I wonder how much the ad agency and consultants charged LCMS Inc. for that one.

    LCMS Inc. has apparently decided that bland, non-specificity is the way to go.

    The original LCMS seal had not one, but two Crosses, and the phrases, “Jesus Christ is Lord” and “Grace Alone, Faith Alone, Scripture Alone.”

    As Mollie observes, not long ago it was, “Christ’s Love is Here for you.”

    Today it’s “His Love is Here for You®” Jesus is too specifc for LCMS Inc.

    What’s next? How much vaguer can LCMS Inc. get?

    Well, look at the non-denominational churches that the current LCMS leadership is determined to imitate. They take beige vaguery and Christ-less catch-phrases to new, yawn-inducing lows. Here’s a sampling of actual church slogans:

    “Only Love Spoken Here”
    “All You Need is Love”
    “Love Grows Here”
    “Love is Here.”

    And, my personal favorite: “You’ll Love It Here.”

    Since those are probably already tradmarked, LCMS Inc. will have to come up with something else. A few suggestions:

    “We Hope the Word ‘Love’ Doesn’t Offended You”
    “Love Is Somewhere Around Here”
    “Who Could Be Against Love?”
    “I Like You, Do You Like Me?”
    “It’s Okay to Love”
    “Love is Good”
    “We Love”


  3. The Board of Slogans.
    Funny how 5 words communicate better than 6.
    So much better. So Lutheran, so confessional, so sacramental.
    Mollie, whatever happened to the suggestion, ‘Christ is here for you’? Did it fly, or just fly the coop?

  4. Admit there’s hot competition among churches to get the love out there.
    Get in the other churches’ faces*, to show the love.
    ‘We love you more’

    *Lovingly, of course.
    (this is sorta like divorced parents competing to woo their children, no?)

  5. This reminds me of a story told at our Circuit Winkel back in Minnesota a few years ago about the church which had the words, “We Preach Christ Crucified” printed on the outside of their building. Over the years, the landscaping grew up and began blocking out the words of the sign, one at a time:

    We Preach Christ Crucified, became….

    We Preach Christ, which became…

    We Preach, which became…


  6. Where?

    I suppose a jingle will follow…
    I’ve got the love of him, love of him,
    Ablaze® here for you®!


    Ablaze® here for you®!
    Ablaze® here for you®! *

    *(If you would like further information please send a $1.00 so that we can spend $0.46 cents to refer you to our corporate media center)

    Please forgive me, I must be getting ahead of myself, they won’t roll that out until the next phase…Maybe not until we get a good count on the uncommitted people who have now been committed 😉

  7. Pr Wilken,
    LOVE IT! 😉 Of course, that reminds me that “I’m Lovin’ It” is already taken.

    And we can’t forget the latest and lousiest to come out of the Purpose Driven Church “40 Days of Looove” (to use C. Roseborough’s way of speaking).


    It’s a Good thing that God loved me so much that he sent Christ to Die for me. I’m needing forgiveness for my sin of not feeling like Loving my neighbors in this synod who think these slogans are good!

    I’d love a pain killer for my lovely headache!

    Feel the love man! Feel the love!
    Whatever that’s supposed to mean.

    Christ died for sinners like me!
    Jenn at Bull Run

  8. Pastor Wilken,
    I’m sorry XOXO looks too greek and too close to IXOYE
    That will never work.

    (IXOYE Jesus Christ God’s Son, Savior. Translated for the greek dropouts like me).


  9. Mollie says:

    “Anyway, I didn’t really think the phrase could get worse. But now we’re not even mentioning Christ?


    Hey, Mollie – I feel some negative vibes coming from this topic. Soooo, uncool! Love is where it’s at baby! Join the hip generation, all in the name of Jesus – of course – who we don’t mention. But that’s OK – this isn’t your grandfather’s church anymore.

  10. The statement “His Love is Here for You®” assumes that the unbeliever knows who “His” refers to, doesn’t it?

    Since when do we make that assumption?


  11. I wondered at that too, TW, and at the vacuousness of the word ‘love’ itself, in this nothing-but-slogan approach.
    And it’s why I called BS.
    And why Mollie’s mentioned ‘Christ is here for you’ avoids all those pitfalls; but pitfalls which I can’t help but imagine are necessarily–and by design–part of such a campaign, and of the whole campaign biz.
    Now, with synod’s blessing, we’re allowed to think what we will, find what we seek, worship ‘His’ ‘love’ as what we choose ‘His’ ‘love’ to be: so vacuous as to be altogether fuzzy.
    Why use words that convey actual meaning, when words can be made to mean so much, they are actually meaningless?
    That was the aim, and now that’s the result.

  12. “So I hear that the LCMS has obtained a legal trademark on the phrase:”

    Where was this heard? Any idea when we will hear officially?

  13. Every time we Lutherans try to do anything other what we’ve done for 400 years it becomes a parody. We always manage to get ‘with it’ ten years after the trend.

    Maybe that should be our new slogan-guaranteed no one has a trademark on it already. “We’re centuries behind pop culture, we’re the Lutherans.”

  14. I can see it now. Every time a called and ordained pastor is fired or missionary is called back to the states they will get a letter from the LCMS International Center with the letterhead stating, “HIS LOVE IS HERE FOR YOU®”

    Don’t you just feel the love?

  15. Rev. Allen Bergstrazer wrote:

    “Every time we Lutherans try to do anything other what we’ve done for 400 years it becomes a parody. We always manage to get ‘with it’ ten years after the trend.”

    Ya’know you’re right! shame on us for being behind on the Pietistic, rationalistic, higher critical, church growth bandwagons ten years after they peak! They have done so much good for the church and the churches that have adopted one or all of the aforementioned “movements” – why they’ve done so well too!


    “Give me that ‘ol time religion it was good enuf for Grabau it’s good enuf for me!

  16. Comment #5 said something about “Circuit Winkel”.

    What in the world is a “Winkel”? This is the fourth time today I have heard that term.

  17. A Winkel is a local pastor’s conference, a Circuit pastor’s Conference. It means “corner” in German and I assume that it would reference a gathering of pastor’s who could meet in a corner – a small group.

  18. Wouldn’t “LOVE centered – HERE focused” adequately summarize it? Of course the appropriate (c) (TM) (R) promoticon would have to be appended.

  19. “Anyway, I didn’t really think the phrase could get worse. But now we’re not even mentioning Christ?


    Is it? The cynical side of me–which has been rearing it’s head quite a bit this year–says that this shouldn’t surprise us, considering the fact that the leaders of our Synod have dipped their hands in the seeker sensitive candy jar, and appear to greatly enjoy the taste.

  20. Rev. Winter:
    Is that ‘Love’ as in ‘All you need is love-Love’ or ‘Love’ as in ‘Christ dying for you-Love’?
    Are we talking Beatles- or purple Barney-love or Lamb of God-love?
    Why leave Jesus out of it?
    More purple Barney-love churches spring up in these parts all the time. They, like Barney, push all the ‘we’re a great big family’ fuzzy buttons.
    All their home pages have photos of moms’n dads–20s to 30s–kids, babies, puppies, with a few old people sprinkled in looking wise and happy, eager to babysit.
    No Jesus, no cross, no font, no altar, no robed & set-apart pastor. They mention expansive, accommodating parking, childcare, and dress codes before they mention Christ.
    Someone should do a word cloud of their ‘mission statement’ pages, and see how much more often the words love, God, family, and glory appear than Christ, Trinity, or cross.

  21. To Elnathan,

    FTR I was not condoing being ‘with it’ but rather making a poor attempt at pointing out why we shouldn’t bother since we always seem to indulge error and failure after it’s erred and failed everywhere else.

  22. Sorry I misunderstood your first post. I am happy for your second post. And I agree with you. Thanks! Not only are we years behind on the curve, but we find that we have invested our money in buggy whips.

  23. Here’s my suggestions for catchy LCMS slogans:

    “Choose the right” Oops. Never mind. Already taken by the Mormons. How about “We’re goin’ green.” Something more in line with reality might be good. How about “We’re not happy ’til you’re not happy!”

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