New Book of Concord Website Online!

One of the things we at Brothers of John the Steadfast are trying to do is encourage the laity to read the Lutheran Confessions. I have for many years personally provided technical and web space support for the Book of Concord website for Pastor McCain. He recently asked me to help guide him in figuring out how to make it easier to navigate and read. One thing turned into another, and now a few weeks later we have it completed. We would appreciate your taking a look at the site, perhaps comparing it to the old site, and getting us your comments on how we might improve it even more. We’ve heard many times over the years how the drop-down menu on the front of the site is simply not intuitive and is difficult to use; well, it is now completely gone!

You are probably familiar with the old site, It is used by many across the web, getting 300+ visitors a day looking at around 800 total pages per day. We have reports of people converting to Lutheranism after starting to read the Book of Concord online, then getting involved in a Lutheran church in their area.

Please stop by and take a look at the new site — we pray it will lead to more people reading the Lutheran Confessions online

Note to those with sites that link into the old site; we have preserved the old links, so your links should NOT be broken. If you notice any problems, PLEASE don’t just fix them; report the issue to us so we can fix it for everyone!

If you want to compare the new site to what was there previously, the old site is still available at:

Cordially in Christ,
Norm Fisher
BJS  Computer Technical Advisor and Steering Committee Member

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