Great Article on Task Force Proposals by Martin Noland in Upcoming BJS Steadfast Quarterly

I just got a look at one of the key articles in the upcoming issue of the Steadfast Quarterly and it is superb. It is Dr. Martin Noland’s review of the Proposals from the Blue Ribbon Task Force. (Click here for the story that Mollie broke on this, including the proposals.) Dr. Noland, one of the synod’s premier historians, writes a gracious but hard-hitting review of the work of the committee placing it in the context of the ghosts of past blue ribbon committees from our synod’s history. (That’s “past blue ribbon” committees, not Pabst Blue Ribbon. For a review of Pabst Blue Ribbon see our No Pietists Allowed page.)

Among the other articles in this latest issue, there is another insightful entry from Cantor Phillip Magness who writes our Not So Steadfast Worship Stories column from his travels to various worship services around the synod. Cantor Magness was one of the plenary speakers at this summer’s LCMS worship conference. We are fortunate to have him writing for the quarterly.

This next issue is due out in a couple of weeks. Each dues paying member of BJS will receive this and each of the subsequent full-color, 30 page quarterlies as a part of their membership. (We already have 150 individual members and 6 chapters around the country.) To get this next issue along with your new member packet we encourage you to click on the Join Now button and remit your $25 annual dues or send a check to BJS, 306 Westbury Ct., Naperville, Illinois, 60565.

This is not a dangling carrot. That’s not our style. Shortly after the next issue is printed and sent to all our members, it will be available as a pdf file on this website at no cost. We won’t make you pay for good theology but we do need your membership to help us keep the Brothers of John the Steadfast viable as force for confessional theology and practice.

We look forward to this next issue of the Steadfast Quarterly and also look forward to welcoming you as a new brother (or sister) of John the Steadfast.

Pastor Rossow

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