First Chapter Fund-Raiser for Issues, Etc. Scheduled

The Brothers of John the Steadfast chapter at Bethany Lutheran in Naperville, Illinois (the church Pastor Rossow serves) has scheduled a fund-raiser for Issues, Etc. The congregation is having an Octoberfest on Sunday, October 5 and the newly formed chapter is serving the lunch and taking a free-will offering that will be donated  to Issues, Etc.

The actual funds raised are not the most important thing. The offering will probably bring in a few hundred dollars. What is more important is that Issues, Etc. will be getting exposure to the congregation and there are men joining the chapter who prior to its formation had not known much if anything about Issues, Etc. They have now been introduced to the radio program, the BJS website, the Steadfast Quarterly and are now on track to grow in their understanding of the Scriptures and Confessions.

The Octoberfest lunch will include pork loin schnitzel, spaetzle, German potato salad, oversized pretzles, kraut and other German specialties. Congregation members have already given $200 to underwrite the lunch which means that more $$$ can be given to Issues.

Bethany’s deaconess intern Valerie Buckland, a regular listener to Issues, Etc. is heading up the Oktoberfest committee. Of note is that  Valerie’s uncle has an Ablaze satire website titled “Putting Out the Fire.”

Look for more chapter fundraisers to be promoted here on the site. Also, be sure to check the BJS Newsreel page on this website for updates on activities in the chapters. Also be looking for a pdf to be put up on the site soon of the chapter start-up booklet that details how to hold a fund-raiser and other  elements of BJS chapter  formation.

For a free chapter start-up kit you can e-mail Pastor Rossow.

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