We Need Some Levity – A New Cartoon by Pastor Blazek

After all this serious (but necessary) discussion of the Texas “Lutheran” Youth Gathering, we need some levity. If it strikes his fancy I am sure Pastor Blazek will draw a cartoon based on the gathering but for now we will have to settle for a satirical look at open communion.

Speaking of humor, I could not help but pass this little quote along to you. It is from the Synod’s website.

“Our job is not just ministry to children, but to come alongside children and help them minister to others.”  With those words, Dr. Roger Theimer summed up what many said was a main point for the Synod’s first annual Children’s Ministry Conference…. Theimer is children’s pastor at King of Kings Lutheran Church, Omaha.


I couldn’t make something up half this goofy if I tried! We are making our youth into children at the Texas District Youth Gathering and our children into adults (“ministers”) at the National Children’s Ministry Conference.


Pastor Rossow


(you can click on the cartoon to make it larger)

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