Programmatic Reasons, by Mollie Z. Hemingway

Mollie here. Remember how David Strand claimed that Issues, Etc. was terminated for “programmatic” reasons? Remember how everybody wondered what in the heck he meant? Remember what he told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch about the programming at KFUO-AM?

The church currently produces seven religious shows, one of which is a replacement for “Issues, Etc.” The new program, called “The Afternoon Show,” is different from “Issues, Etc.,” said Strand, in that “it doesn’t dwell largely on Lutheran apologetics at a sophisticated level. It still takes its Gospel proclamation seriously, but it finds new ways to capture attention.”

An example of the new KFUO programming under the direction of David Strand: The Morning Show did a half-hour interview today with Jon Gordon, author of “The No Complaining Rule”

It must be heard to be believed. Pure power-of-positive-thinking stuff. They might as well have interviewed Norman Vincent Peale.

I think as time goes by, we’re getting our answer to the question, “What did David Strand mean by ‘programming reasons’?”


Programmatic Reasons, by Mollie Z. Hemingway — 4 Comments

  1. I think that one of the programmatic reasons (whether deliberately or unintentionally) was to rid the station of male listeners. I seem to recall that “Issues, Etc.” was the only KFUO-produced program that had a significant number of male listeners (as well as female listeners).

  2. This is only a guess, of course, but here goes.

    Synod, Inc., is led by a fella whose first comments after election to the papacy — I mean, presidency — included, “I ain’t no theologian, y’all!”

    Thus, it seems pretty evident to me that “programmatic reasons” = making the programs over in the image of the leader.

    Thus, programs should appeal to folks who ain’t interested in theology, but in drawin’ closer to Jesus. Ee-hah.

    Eh bien, I admit, his actual quote was “I’m no theologian” but it’s just so much fun to write in drawl…

  3. It could be more along the lines of having the masses get with the program and not complain. It took the removal of Issues, Etc. for me to see that there have been modifications happening since I’ve been here in my little patch of Japan.

    Not the same thread, but I was shocked that someone wished me dead because I agree with the Word as stated in the Lutheran confessions. With brotherly love of that sort, who needs enemies?

  4. According to this Dr Gerald B Kieschnick is an ordained minister who has a Bachelor & Master of Divinity from two different seminaries. That doesn’t qualify him as a theologian?!?!?!?

    Maybe the main problem in our Synod is that we have ordained ministers who aren’t theologians. Maybe we in the Synod should take measures to not allow that anymore.

    Just some rambling thoughts,

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