Editor’s Update: Over 5,000 Readers, Worldwide Interest, Discussion of the Nature of this Website

Readership Totals

We have some great statistics from the month of July for the John the Steadfast website.

We had 5,358 unique visitors in the month of July, making 19,490 visits and viewing 95,079 pages. (Some readers may be checking in from multiple computers, e.g. work and home, but we also may have multiple readers, e.g. husband and wife, reading from the same computer, so the 5,358 number is probably an accurate reflection of readership.)

Our largest one day, unique visitor total was 1,360 last week during the early stages of the Texas Lutheran Youth Gathering discussion.

We have already had over 2,500 unique visitors for the month of August, so we may top our July number by the end of this month. If you have not already done so, be sure to tell your friends and relatives about the site and all the other great linked sites we have listed, so that awareness of the importance of Issues, Etc. and the teaching of the Lutheran Confessions can continue to spread and grow,

Worldwide Interest

In the month of July we had readers from 24 different foreign countries. In addition to the ones you might expect, i.e. Germany, Canada and Australia, we also have readers in such exotic places as Israel,  Turkey, and  Iowa. (I’m a Hawkeye so I figure I can poke a little fun at the “homeland.”)

President Hennings and the Texas District Youth Gathering

As promised, I am trying to get a hold of President Hennings from the Texas District. We have had some e-mail exchange but  have not been able to hook up by phone but will keep trying. I will keep you posted.

Discussion of the Nature of this Website

The steering committee, for which I thank God daily, has started a very important discussion of the nature of the website. The main issue we are discussing is the level of  critique on the site. We are committed to making sure that this site encourages and promotes criticism of the watering down of the Gospel in Lutheranism but we also want to make sure that in the end we are edifying and building up the body of Christ. Of course, edification includes both law and gospel and so where rebuke is needed it must be given, but as the scriptures teach, in the end the Gospel is God’s final and better word and is to carry the day in our lives and piety.

As always, your input is welcome. Let us know what you think. Also, let me take a moment to thank our bloggers and columnists. Pastor Wilken, Mollie, Pastor Preus and all our columnists are doing a great job bringing us God’s word in this new and exciting world of the internet. Thank you for your hard work and we look forward to your future posts.

Pastor Rossow

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