Return Issues, Etc. to KFUO!

Mollie here. In a previous comment thread, Chris Rosebrough suggested:

Since the synod claims that Issues, Etc. was cut for “financial reasons.” I think it is time for the next round of cost cutting measures for KFUO AM.

KFUO AM needs to cancel the Afernoon Show and fire Diane Summers and the Rev. Steve Siegel (hosts of the Afternoon Show) and put Issues, Etc. back on the air in its normal time slot.

This would save KFUO AM at least $150,000 per year in employee overhead. Lutheran Public Radio may even be willing to pay a ‘nominal fee’ for the air time at KFUO AM. That being the case, KFUO AM could be making a profit during that time slot rather than losing money.

As I see it, canceling The Afternoon Show is the ONLY financially responsible thing for them to do.

Excellent point. If David Strand and the Board for Communication Services were telling the truth about why they canceled Issues, Etc., this is basically their only option.

Also, many of us were proud to hear Issues, Etc. on KFUO radio. We’re in a wonderful church body and one that I’m elated to be a part of. Being able to say that Issues, Etc. is broadcast from KFUO would make a lot of people very happy.

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