Favorite Quotes from the Petition Site

(Twice a month for the next few months we will be featuring our favorite quotes from the “Bring Back Issues, Etc.” petition site. The quotes are selected and introduced by BJS Steering Committee member Ron Revels. The number in the title of the quote refers to the order in which it was recorded on the petition site.)

This comment goes to the heart of the matter – the Word going forth, making disciples. Issues, Etc certainly impacted many, even as with this man to consider the pastoral office, but why? Was it the winsome ways of Wilken? The engineering genius of Schwarz? Certainly not, though they certainly had these talents, these were mere men. It was the Word, examined, debated, and lovingly spoken that was the magic of Issues.

2112. Scott Barcey, St. Pauls Lutheran Church, Cedar, MI
I have been seriously trying to determine if the Lord is calling me to preach his Word and distribute his Sacraments, which means I would need to study at the Ft. Wayne Seminary. Issues Etc. under the guidance of the faithful Rev. Todd Wilken, has taught me so much daily, about being Christ-centered and Cross- focused, that I can not put into words. I pray that Todd will return to the Issues Etc. program so I can seriously contemplate what the Lord is calling me to do in my daily vocation, (who knows maybe even become a Pastor?). All Thanks and Praise be to God for Todd and his faithfulness!

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