About those 64 live listeners, David Strand . . .

Mollie here. Another great day for Issues, Etc. Petition-signer Rep. John Shimkus, R-Ill., dropped by to discuss policy issues of concern to constituents. Shimkus, who is a member of an LCMS congregation, provided assistance to Jeff and Todd in getting their studio up and running.

Anyway, Jeff and Todd explained a bit about the difficulties some of you had hearing Issues, Etc. in the first couple of days. They said that if you paid to hear Issues, Etc. you have five days to get your money back. And you should. Because Issues, Etc. gets none of those funds and Pirate Christian Radio fixed the problem.

Basically the deal is that in the history of Live365’s streaming of live radio, Issues, Etc. was the first program to ever max out their servers.

And it just reminds me that the claim of the Board for Communication Services Executive Director David Strand was that Issues, Etc. had, what, 64 live listeners and no on-demand listeners?


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