A Few Thoughts After 24 Hrs. Live

Thank you for bearing with us as we learn by doing how to manage a super-sized website. We have learned alot and will continue to grow, hopefully not only in the Lord’s grace but in yours also as we take exciting new step after exciting new step. Our goal is to mobilize confessional Lutherans into an organization that defends and promotes the true faith  through local chapters and the internet “community” that is gathering around this website and that is already thriving through so many other excellent blogs and websites. We hope you are gracious towards us as we walk by faith but we also appreciate your comments on how we can do this better ([email protected]).


A Few Stats on Our Internet Community

We have already had over 1,200 first time visitors from at least 8 different countries. (There have been a few hits from France which I assume are from Uwe checking in from his summertime residence or some folks from the apologetics institute in Strassbourg.) There have been over 25,000 page hits so you surfers have done a great job checking into all the nooks and crannies of the site. We have already had  31 people join the organization and we have received three more requests for chapter start-up kits. Including our pre-website debut, that means that we have nearly 100 congregations considering starting up a chapter with three chapters already up and running.


How Much Fun Can a Party Full of Editors/Proofreaders Be?

Tonight at the Rossow home we are hosting a party on the eve before our second Steadfast Quarterly editorial meeting. It could be pretty boring to sit around with a bunch of proof-reading types if it weren’t for the fact that the chief among them is the fiddle-playing, pipe smoking Pr. Fred Baue. We will be planning issues 2 and 3 of the Quarterly. We will also be awarding our benefactor with the original portrait of John the Steadfast painted for the organization  by yours truly (the one you see on all the logos and the masthead above). He and his wife have contributed several thousand dollars to get the organization going and we thank them for their truly steadfast gifts.


Member #5 a Familiar Name

I was checking out the names of the new members on our Paypal report and low and behold member #5 was a name familiar to us all. Thanks Pastor Wilken for signing up. We hope more  folks will follow your lead.


Our First Entry from One of Our Confessional Groups

Be sure to check out the regular columns page and read the insightful post from Pastor Andy Simcak representing the Texas Confessional Lutherans. This is just the first of several posts from the many excellent confessional groups around the world who will be writing for BJS.


BTW – Don’t miss the confessional groups counter.  The ticker is moving up so fast all I can say is that we are  “on fire.”   It has gone from a cool 3 to a hot 5 in just 36 hours.


Thanks again for reading the BJS website. May God bless you as you continue  steadfast in  the faith and may He continue to grow the number of those unwilling to bend the knee to the Baals of heterodox, “contemporary” theology.


Pastor Rossow



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