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We are generating a set of ads that can run on radio stations; if you listen to Issues, Etc you will hear our ads periodically. The clips can also be listened to below.

NOTE: As of 11/13/2012, Jeff Schwarz tells me that the first four are on rotation on Issues Etc currently.



New ad from Jon:

At steadfastlutherans.org we’ve been called contentious. We’ve even been called the Brothers of John the Curmudgeon. And we may well be curmudgeon sometimes. But we always have the best and clearest voices in confessional lutheranism.
Articles from Mollie Hemingway, Martin Noland, Klemet Preus, Todd Wilken, and a host of regular contributors. Come check out the new lutheran media. Always clear, always concise, always confessionally lutheran. steadfastlutherans.org.

2. What’s the fad?


So what’s the fad this year at your church?

Beth Moore, Rick Warren, Post-Emergent, Pre-Emergent, or some other move of the spirit that hasn’t quite hit you yet?

At the Brothers of John the Steadfast we’re kicking it old school. And by Old School I mean the 1580 Book of Concord.

Check out our website for a list of confessional study groups, or if you have one at your congregation you can let us know.



3. Historic Liturgy – cool


Historic Liturgy, Cool

Liturgical Dance, Not cool

Kneeling for the Lord’s Body and Blood on a Sunday Morning, cool

Seating in your theater style seats with a cupholder for your double mocca latte, not cool

We’re the brothers of John the Steadfast

If you are interested in traditional lutheran doctrine and practice, check us out



4. Royal Order of Water Buffalo


If you’re interested in hanging around with a bunch of powerful men that further one another’s careers, I guess you can meet Fred and Barney down at the Loyal Order of Water Buffalo.

If stress is your problem, and those 40-50 hours a week are killing you, and that cubicle’s driving you nuts, perhaps you should buy Joel Osteen’s book and read it.

If you’re interested in Lutheran doctrine and practice and how we can spread that to our community, check us out. The Brothers of John the Steadfast. www.steadfastlutherans.org





New ad from John

Imagine steadfastlutherans.org as the internet version of your neighborhood pub. Your neighborhood confessional Lutheran pub that is, where the finest of Lutheran conversation is going on at every table, and at the bar. Sometimes contentious, but always informative and unabashedly Lutheran. We are only serving Wittenberg Ale. We even have a guy name “NORM!”. So check us out. www.steadfastlutherans.org. We’ll save a seat at the bar for you.


Clips 5 through 7 are proposed new ones generated by Dan at NecessaryRoughness:


Script by Dan, updated by Jon to “produce” it:


Steadfast Lutherans. People who believe the Law condemns everyone and should be preached to the fullest. People who believe the Gospel is for everyone and should be preached to its sweetest.

Traditional Lutheran doctrine and practice deliver every Sunday this Law and Gospel, that Christ was crucified for us sinners. To all who received him, who believed in his name, the Gospel of John says, he gave the right to become children of God.

To see how Steadfast Lutherans preserves this good news for everyone, visit steadfastlutherans.org.




Steadfast Lutherans. People who believe the Bible and the Lutheran Confessions are still completely relevant and missional today.

In Luke chapter 24 Jesus opened the scriptures to his disciples and directed that repentance and the forgiveness of sins should be proclaimed in his name.
Steadfast Lutherans believe this should be done every Sunday, as if your eternal life depended on it.

To see how we can return the Gospel to our pulpits and hymns, visit steadfastlutherans.org



Script by Dan, Updated by Jon to “produce” it:


Steadfast Lutherans. People who believe that traditional Lutheran preaching, liturgy, and hymnody continue to deliver Christ crucified for sinners today.

The Reformation attempted to return the church’s focus on what we do for God back to a focus on what God does for us: that Christ died for our sins in accordance with the scriptures.

Some things never change. The Gospel is still under attack from inside and outside the church.

To see how Lutheran doctrine and practice preserve the Gospel, visit steadfastlutherans.org



1. I am baptised     (withdrawn from use)



I am baptised


Three simple words

I am baptised

So simple that my 2 year old can say them

words that are at the heart of christian belief

Did you ever think you would see a day that a lutheran movement would not see baptism as a critical event?

At the Brothers of John the Steadfast we believe in critical events, baptism, preaching, the Lord’s Supper, absolution.

Check us out

The Brothers of John the Steadfast




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