Description of the Organization

Welcome to the Brothers of John the Steadfast (BJS). The church is facing some huge challenges these days trying to keep Christ’s word pure. You are about to learn more on how to walk side by side with a group of men who are committed to becoming defenders of the truth of God’s word. We pray that you will stand firm alongside us, help us, and work with us in this important cause.

The mission of the Brothers of John the Steadfast is as follows:

The Brothers of John the Steadfast, brings together Lutheran laymen to defend and promote the orthodox Christian faith which is taught in the Lutheran Confessions, provide financial support for Christian new media (e.g. Issues, Etc.), and to support other endeavors selected by its membership that defend and promote the cause of confessional Lutheranism.

Specific challenges in the church today, identified by BJS so that it can accomplish its mission include:

  1. Raise funds for confessional Lutheran new-media like Issues, Etc.
  2. Help men support their local pastor in the cause of defending confessional Lutheranism.
  3. Support the historic liturgy as a means of conserving the truth of God’s word.
  4. Encourage and equip husbands to be the spiritual head of their household and a strong voice of leadership in their local congregation.

The means by which this mission and objectives are carried out is through individual members and chapters. Individual members will meet via internet communications and at annual gatherings. Chapter members will likewise be a part of the on-line community but will also meet regularly and locally (e.g. weekly Bible breakfasts, Lutheran Confessions reading groups, monthly topical meetings, etc.).