Holy Week Devotionals by Pr. Matthew Harrison

Synod President Pastor Matthew Harrison is doing live video devotionals on facebook each day this week at 8:30am. Facebook users who have the feature can “live subscribe” to get notification when these are about to me published each day; hold … Continue reading

Luther’s Small Catechism Part 2 The First Commandment

Our BJS Catechism Series continues with Part 2, the First Commandment. Watch for these and share it with your friends, you will not be disappointed. And as the summer goes by, keep coming back for more installments. For those pastors … Continue reading

The Small Catechism Snippets on YouTube – a New BJS Project

Great news to our readers (and watchers!).  Some of our authors here at BJS are working diligently on what we are calling “The Brothers of John the Steadfast Catechism Series”, which are 2-5 minute video segment summaries of the Small … Continue reading

Watch the “Ordain a Lady” video! (posted by Pr. Charles Henrickson)

Toward the end of the comments section of the “Per DP’s Advice” thread (about 415 comments in), commenter wineonthevines posted a video as a little change of pace. I watched it, and it was so funny, I thought it deserved … Continue reading