Israel’s Musical Inheritance

“Hosanna!” the crowd cries out on Palm Sunday. “Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord!” The people had sung these words before. They’re right out of Psalm 118:25-26. “Hosanna” is a transliteration of two Hebrew words … Continue reading

Relevant Worship: The Story of Your Life

In the worship wars, one of the alleged reasons for abandoning the historic liturgy is to make worship relevant. We want application of the Gospel in ways that connect with people. Dear friends, the historic liturgy is like a many-layered … Continue reading

Imagine My Surprise

I am a post-Evangelical adult convert to confessional Lutheranism, something I’m content to wear on my sleeve.  My journey out of Evangelicalism was a long, difficult road of seeking to make sense of some tough situations in life.  I resonate very … Continue reading

Keep the Lutheran Church Catholic

My family has had the opportunity to attend Lutheran churches in Denver, St. Louis, Johannesburg, London, Las Vegas, and Capistrano Beach, California. In our prior Fundagelical existence we attended many more churches in many more places. The contrast between the … Continue reading

Liturgy: A General Bibliography

Recent events have spurred me to pull together a general bibliography of materials relevant to the historic Lutheran liturgy. The first was this site’s publication of my article, “Historic Liturgy: Affirmations Prompted by Putdowns.” As stated, it was prompted by … Continue reading

Liturgy: Do We Really Want to Go to Heaven?

In 1964, my oldest brother, David, participated in the Sixth National Jamboree of the Boy Scouts of America at Valley Forge. The rest of the family, on our way to the New York World’s Fair, visited him. For a whole … Continue reading

I Wonder if the Time Has Come

It’s been since October that I’ve had the chance to offer anything here at Steadfast Lutherans. With that, here’s what I’ve been pondering as of late… I wonder if the time has come. I know the mutual predilection for many … Continue reading

Should Lutheran Pastors Chant the Words of Institution?

The English verb, ‘to chant’ derives from the Latin word, ‘cantare,’ which simply means to sing.  Some form of singing or chanting existed in the Christian Church since its inception.  Various forms of chanting in Christian worship evolved during the … Continue reading

Historic Liturgy: Affirmations Prompted by Putdowns

Recently two friends went out of their way at the same school event to issue putdowns towards liturgical worship in the Lutheran church. One was raised Lutheran. She is a member of a Lutheran church and attends regularly. She had … Continue reading