FiveTwo Gains LCMS Support Whilst Scrubbing Lutheran Distinctives

Business Consultancy FiveTwo has upgraded its WikiConference to a ‘National Conference’ that convenes in Austin, Texas next month. The rebooted event is a hybrid TED / Willowcreek Global Leadership Summit clone offering a menu of Christianized pop sociology, corporate vogue, and entrepreneurial motivation. In … Continue reading

Book Review – Gospel DNA: Five Markers of a Flourishing Church

GOSPEL DNA: FIVE MARKERS OF A FLOURISHING CHURCH By Michael W. Newman232 pp. Ursa Publishing. $8.99 Kindle / $12.99 Paperback Summary Gospel DNA is the latest book from Michael Newman, a full-time missiologist with the Texas District of the Lutheran Church … Continue reading

FiveTwo’s Wiki Christianity is Foolish and Dangerous

Every September the shadow synod within the LCMS, FiveTwo, hosts a gathering in Katy, TX. The organization’s WikiConference recently concluded and, once again, rang every alarm bell and raised every red flag imaginable for Confessional Lutherans as well as LCMS office … Continue reading

FiveTwo: Movements and Gifts

One of the problems with FiveTwo is that it is a movement. The thing about movements is that they move (or at least try to move). They change things already instituted. For example, Christ instituted the office of public ministry. … Continue reading

FiveTwo’s Wordless, Bloodless, and Christless Theory of Sacrament

FiveTwo recently published an article by Jim Marriot titled, “The Sacramental Nature of Music.” At the outset he claims: “I believe music has a sacramental nature and efficaciousness.” He next says, “There is no way, within one blog post, to … Continue reading

Loot for Leaven – FiveTwo’s Inglorious Propagation

Question: What does $304,454 buy you these days? In one particular case, that amount facilitated 365 days worth of heterodox leaven. It’s a fact that tax exempt organizations file tax documents that are open to public inspection. Therefore, open source … Continue reading

“Five-Dash-Two (Has Anybody Seen My Church?)” (by Pr. Charles Henrickson)

  Click the music link and sing along! FIVE-DASH-TWO (HAS ANYBODY SEEN MY CHURCH?) Tune: “Five-Foot-Two (Has Anybody Seen My Girl?)” Five-dash-Two, Nice and new, And oh! what that FiveTwo could do! Has anybody seen my church? Turned-up band, Sleight … Continue reading

My, What Big Cities You Have, FiveTwo

FiveTwo, the shadow Synod hiving out of the LCMS, likes to say that church planters must “start new to reach new”. The inference is that FiveTwo will succeed where the LCMS is failing because it knows how to “unlock communities” … Continue reading

Paging Rev. Dr. Matthew Harrison……….

Silence can be a good thing. Everyone needs a little peace and quiet every now and then. Yet, the fact remains that there are certainly times when one must use his voice. When it comes to the defense of God’s … Continue reading

5:2 Trying Even Harder To Be Non-Biblical and Non-Lutheran

I have written a few articles on a Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod movement called FiveTwo. This movement is anti-Scriptural at its base, though the founder, Bill Woolsey, and his followers would object to that description in the strongest terms. I’m not … Continue reading

Five-Two, Casual Blasphemers

Luther on the Second Commandment in his Large Catechism wrote about how God’s name is misused: 54] But, the greatest abuse occurs in spiritual matters, which pertain to the conscience, when false preachers rise up and offer their lying vanities … Continue reading

The State of the Synod: A Confessional Response

In last month’s edition of the Lutheran Witness (LW) the LCMS Leadership released their “State of the Synod.” I encourage everyone to read either the online or hardcopy version that can be accessed through The overall focus was on … Continue reading

The Church Militant: A Confessional Cadence

For centuries, marching (drilling) in a formation has been the most fundamental training tool for any military. There’s a very good reason for this. Marching in a formation teaches unity and unity translates to victory on the battlefield. Essentially, many … Continue reading

Rick Warren Provides Definitive Clarification of “Sacramental Entrepreneur”

It’s an old joke that the S.B.C. in Southern Baptist Convention stands for Slowly Becoming Catholic. Rick Warren, Founder of the Purpose Driven multinational, made it a concrete reality at last week’s Vatican organized “Humanum” event. Rick Warren was one … Continue reading

Laodicea on the Mississippi – A Primer for those Late to the FiveTwo Controversy

This past September a church in a tony suburb of Houston hosted a small conference that ignited a prairie fire in the Lutheran Church — Missouri Synod. Two months later the fallout continues from the “#Wiki14” event arranged by ecumenical … Continue reading

Why Do I Grovel beneath Pastors?

The former President of the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod is decrying clergy dominance. The FiveTwo network is calling on people to become sacramental entrepreneurs, by which anyone, with or without a rightly ordered call, might publicly teach in the … Continue reading

FiveTwo: Spiritual Montanans

On a flight from Nice to Amsterdam, the man next to me and I talked about our work. After a while he exclaimed, “You have four companies.” “Four companies,” I said as a question, not knowing where he got that … Continue reading

My Plea: Recognize Theosis

This article is a layman’s plea to confessional Lutheran pastors, theologians, and doctors to consider the myriad of challenges to the doctrine upon which the church stands or falls from a simple, strategic perspective. Otherwise, all we’re ever going to … Continue reading

Quietly coming to a town near you…

This post is strictly for my confessional Lutheran brothers and sisters. I’ve spent some time researching and writing about a network called FiveTwo. If you are a confessional Lutheran within the LCMS, I encourage you to make your acquaintance with … Continue reading

Hey Fivetwo, There’s No “Me” in SacraMEnt (Well, Close Enough)

Visiting those who are sick and facing death is part of my job as a pastor, and, frankly, I’m woefully inadequate. Thanks be to God, I’ve spent very little time in the valley of the shadow of death personally. I … Continue reading

#Wiki14 / @FiveTwo – The Data Speaks

This was originally posted on Tim Wood’s blog,   The dust from FiveTwo Network’s 2014 Wiki Conference continues to blow and settle in places where it is not wanted. So we thought it might be interesting to churn some of the … Continue reading

Is Manipulation Ever Loving?

When thinking back about evangelistic efforts from my past, I must admit that manipulation was a welcomed friend. It wasn’t broadcast as such, but instead rationalized under the guise that “the ends always justify the means” when salvation is on … Continue reading

Dorky Jip – FiveTwo’s Definition of Worship

Wait a second… Did I read that right? The FiveTwo folks are asking on their website “What does worship mean?” But the definition given so succinctly reads: “Worship is everything we do in response to God.” So, holy worship is … Continue reading

Sacramental Entrepreneurship or Franchise Corruption?

The first Lutherans didn’t use the term “Lutheran” to describe themselves. They identified themselves by the much more apt term “evangelical.” After all, the Lutheran church is founded on the pure proclamation of the Gospel and not the man Luther. So … Continue reading