Your Family As Impetus For Daily Prayer

Throughout my twenties, I remained unmarried.  That wasn’t necessarily a bad thing.  I was able to pursue my education without other distractions.  Serving a parish as a single man had a lot of advantages too.  I was able to devote … Continue reading

Two Lutheran Elephants: Negligent House Pastors and Divorce

The decline in membership of Lutheran churches in America is a like a migraine headache. It is always there. We keep explaining it with the same explanations. We keep taking the same medications. The pain continues. What is the right … Continue reading

Encouragement for the Scared Father

Not long ago in a discussion in an online Lutheran group, one father did a manly thing. He admitted he was scared in his role as father. He said, “Nothing scares me quite like teaching my children.” Hallelujah! I told … Continue reading

An Arch to Engage Young Children in the Divine Service

We can use Arch Books coordinated with the Lectionary to engage young children in the Divine Service. We can reap other significant benefits at the same time. We have a problem with young children in the service. They are a … Continue reading

Real Men Catechize their Children

Real Men Don’t Eat Quiche was the title of a best-selling book by Bruce Feirstein published in 1982. Supposedly, a real man would eat egg and bacon pie if his wife made it, she served it to him, and she … Continue reading

Stage 4 Cancer – Do Our Families Have It; or, the Sorry State of Catechization in the Home

My aunt, Gladys, was a manager in the U. S. Geological Survey. As a federal government employee, she had excellent health care. The plan included frequent checkups and examinations. But it failed her. My Dad from North Dakota visited her … Continue reading

“Fathers’ Day” in May with Pastor Weedon (by Pr. Charles Henrickson)

I received a note about an upcoming seminar in the St. Louis area and thought I’d pass it on. Pastor Weedon is a knowledgeable and engaging speaker, and his topic sounds interesting. CH What the Early Church Fathers Have to … Continue reading