Sons of Luther

Martin Franzmann wrote, “Preach you the Word and plant it home and never faint; The Harvest Lord who gave the sower seed to sow will watch and tend His planted Word” (LSB 586:6). I remember singing this hymn in the … Continue reading

Pastors and Laymen in the Storm

I remember 2011 as a burnishing year, like nothing I’ve ever endured before. Not even the death of my only brother could compare. That was a much easier yoke to carry. Trial, strife, discord, anger, venom, and yes, even violence…all … Continue reading

Sisters of Katie Luther — Comfort for Those Tending to the Lord’s Littlest Sheep, Part 1

Part I: The Why of Taking our Children to Church Full of frustration and embarrassment I am driving away. Away from the staring faces, away from the haughty looks, away from the very place I should love to be. I … Continue reading

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Steadfast Moms — encouragement to get those little ones to church

by Holly Scheer Hey, you. I see your tired face. I know that this morning while trying to brush your teeth your kid knocked over your coffee. I know that finding clean socks for everyone can sometimes be embarrassingly difficult. … Continue reading

Steadfast Encouragement from Luther

Blessed Martin Luther’s First House Postil for The Fifth Sunday after Trinity (Luke 5:1-11) is one of the most pastoral sermons I’ve had the pleasure to read. Using the miraculous catch of fish on Lake Genessaret as the text, he … Continue reading