Suffering as the Key to Evangelism

Recently I was up at the hospital providing pastoral care to one of my members. As usual, I was wearing my clerical attire, and, as often happens, this gave me an opportunity to share the Gospel with someone I wouldn’t have … Continue reading

Steadfast Throwdown Series on Luther’s Catechisms

Steadfast Throwdown on KNGN and Pirate Christian Radio has started a series of interviews that focus on the structure and use of Martin Luther’s Catechisms in personal, family, and congregational devotional life. This first program discuses what a Catechism is, … Continue reading

Steadfast Defense — An Apologetic for Lutheran Apologetics

I am to talk about Apologetics. Apologetics means of course Defense. The first question is – what do you propose to defend? Christianity, of course.                                                                            –   C.S. Lewis, Christian Apologetics from God in the Dock. Welcome to Steadfast in … Continue reading