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Don’t Fret the Numbers
@Pastor Dave Likeness #1 “The laity appreciate Bible classes which study a specific
book of the Bible.”
We also appreciate studying early church fathers’ writings, the BOC, church history, and so on. I personally like being instructed in a specific book of the Bible on Sunday mornings and saving church history, comparative doctrines, and other such books or …
    LadyL at Jan 16 2017 04:03 pm

Don’t Fret the Numbers
A spiritually healthy parish will have a commitment to offer Adult Bible
Classes during the week. The pastor will lead these weekly Bible classes
to give the members more opportunities to grow in God’s Word. For the
retirees a 10:30 Am midweek Bible Class might fit their schedule. For those
who have a full-time job during the day, a week night Bible Class would
be helpful. The laity appreciate Bible classes which study a specific
book …
    Pastor Dave Likeness at Jan 16 2017 03:37 pm

Praying Intentionally
Thank you for these wonderful thoughts – May I have permission to reprint this to distribute to the congregation? Please let me know = thank …
    Starla at Jan 16 2017 11:01 am

“Three Evangelism Pointers: Point, Invite, and Find” (Sermon on John 1:29-42a, by Pr. Charles Henrickson)
Thank you for this distillation: Point, Invite, Find.
My church Mission Statement is:
“To first go find my brother and bring him to the Lord.”
Based on John 1: 41-42.
Just 12 words. Everyone can memorize it. A first grader can write it.
Yet it conveys priority (“first”), action (“go,find,bring”) relationship (“brother”) and goal …
    Rose at Jan 15 2017 06:21 am

The Baptism of Christ and Miscarriages (A Sermon)
@helen #8

Helen, yes, absolutely! We know that, with them, we will be with the Lord and we shall see Him face to face. Hope will not fail …
    LadyL at Jan 15 2017 04:37 am

The Baptism of Christ and Miscarriages (A Sermon)
@LadyL #6

I don’t believe anyone intentionally tried to bring pain by bringing up abortion, but I do think perhaps someone else can be spared any by making the readers more sensitive toward these two different subjects.

I sympathize with you in your losses, LadyL.
Any child whose mother stands alive at the graveside died …
    helen at Jan 13 2017 03:02 pm

The Baptism of Christ and Miscarriages (A Sermon)
I was not comparing the two things. There is no comparison, obviously. One is a tragedy out of one`s control and the other is an intentional crime. I was simply responding to a previous commentators remarks about the abortion holocaust. In my mind, there is nothing in common between losing a child and intentionally killing one. In fact, such a comparison would never occur to me, as it is totally nonsensical. I`m sorry if my comments about …
    James at Jan 13 2017 10:37 am

The Baptism of Christ and Miscarriages (A Sermon)
I must confess that I have struggled to write a reply to some of the above posts because I may become judged as selfish, but I need to say something.
I have buried two sons and a grandson prematurely, so I write from experience. I am so tired that everytime someone brings up this sensitive subject and a dear pastor comforts them through the hope as outlined above; someone else, usually someone who has not lost a child prematurely, throws out …
    LadyL at Jan 13 2017 09:42 am

Our Faith Needs Baptism — Sermon by Pastor Rolf Preus

    Bob Pratt at Jan 12 2017 02:01 pm

Our Faith Needs Baptism — Sermon by Pastor Rolf Preus
The Ephesians 4:5 reference is mis-quoted. It should be, “one Lord, one faith, one …
    Bob Pratt at Jan 12 2017 12:14 pm

Our Faith Needs Baptism — Sermon by Pastor Rolf Preus
Fine sermon, Pastor, on a subject that sometimes is hard for us laymen to understand. Thank …
    backinthefold at Jan 11 2017 08:37 pm

The Baptism of Christ and Miscarriages (A Sermon)
@Mark #2

I think about this a lot and I absolutely join you in praying for these precious children who are murdered without Baptism by the very people who should be protecting them. It`s very hard to put into words the full horror of the abortion outrage. I pray for the souls of these children and also ask God to unleash a judgement on our …
    James at Jan 11 2017 12:57 pm

The Augsburg Confession: Its Formation
It certainly is quite an impressive document. Seems like we clarify things best when faced with our most vehement …
    Sean at Jan 11 2017 12:02 pm

The Baptism of Christ and Miscarriages (A Sermon)
This is a wonderful sermon. Excellent use of Holy Scripture and a powerful reminder of God`s love and almighty …
    James at Jan 11 2017 11:53 am

The Baptism of Christ and Miscarriages (A Sermon)
Thank you, Pastor Berg. I lost a baby in Jan. 2013, and a set of twins in May, 2015. The Lord has graciously given me 5 children here on earth. I eagerly await my heavenly reunion with my 3 other children. I take a lot of comfort knowing that my children are safely in their true home with their real Father. They will never have to know the pain, sadness, disappointments, and heartaches of this sinful world. I will never have to worry about them. …
    Hannah Moss at Jan 11 2017 08:54 am

The Baptism of Christ and Miscarriages (A Sermon)
As the National Sanctity of Human Life Day approaches, I would like to offer a prayer of comfort for God’s people who mourn the loss of unimaginable numbers of helpless children who have been aborted or miscarried without the benefit of Baptism. The Christian Church has historically taught that infants need a Savior who can redeem them from original sin and that salvation from eternal punishment requires removal of sin in order …
    Mark at Jan 10 2017 04:07 pm

The Baptism of Christ and Miscarriages (A Sermon)
Excellent sermon Pastor …
    Jim warwick at Jan 10 2017 02:48 pm

The Cause of Salvation
I agree, however, we have come a long way in our understanding of the issues surrounding textual criticism since the 1500’s. If we advance our apologetic I think we will find that we are on a surer footing without compromising the doctrine because it is woven throughout the NT narrative in passages that are original to the manuscript …
    Sean at Jan 09 2017 12:27 pm

The Cause of Salvation
For both commenters: The first two paragraphs quote Dr Luther’s lectures on Romans directly. Notice the quotation marks and source. He had no problem using the end of Mark as a proof …
    CMP at Jan 09 2017 10:31 am

The Cause of Salvation
Great article. I would just be careful using a passage from the end of Mark as a proof-text. I think there are plenty of good passages that affirm what you are saying that cannot be refuted on the basis of textual criticism. John 3: 16-18 I think does this very well. Paul also has a number of excellent passages such as in Romans 10: …
    Sean at Jan 09 2017 09:21 am

Sinful Removal of Pastors — Let me count the ways…
If a congregation with declining attendance, some of which is due to pastor’s inconsiderate mannerisms (but, he is who he is!) – attendance down to 30 per Sunday, realizes it’s really time for a Part-time pastor (since every year’s budget shortfall is paid out of dwindling savings which cannot continue), asks the Pastor if he would consider Part-time service, and he says NO!, what does the congression do? We cannot rightfully let him go… (The …
    Starla at Jan 08 2017 01:12 pm

A Clarification on Justification Before God and Justification Before the World: It is God Who Justifies
@Pastor and former Professor N. Alfred Balmer #18

I have looked more into this, and I have learned that I was going a bit too far with the grammar. In Wallace’s “Beyond the Basics,” pg. 690, he discusses the first class conditional sentence with “ei.” He clarifies that this does not mean “since,” but rather it is an …
    Pastor Andrew Preus at Jan 07 2017 02:33 pm

A Summary of the Doctrinal Differences Between the Lutheran and Reformed Church Regarding Faith, from “Here We Stand,” by Hermann Sasse
It was heartwarming to hear some of the comments accurately describing Reformed beliefs
and that not all Reformed are the same just as not all Lutherans are the same. My previous church was WELS and now I am a member of URCNA. WELS has much more in common with URCNA than with ELCA. George did a great job of representing these various church bodies. It is good to read gracious comments from Lutherans about the Orthodox Confessional …
    Patricia Stotler at Jan 06 2017 10:11 pm

A Clarification on Justification Before God and Justification Before the World: It is God Who Justifies
An extended footnote January 6, 2017, The Feast of the Epiphany of our Lord Jesus Christ.
I noted in my previous comment that our differing perspectives on the meaning of “ei” and “ean” in the New Testament Greek (Koine) of the Apostles of Jesus Christ can, in a theological context from 1600 to the present, and may result in a differing understanding of the doctrine of justification. For indeed there is both objective (general) …
    Pastor and former Professor N. Alfred Balmer at Jan 06 2017 07:17 pm

A Clarification on Justification Before God and Justification Before the World: It is God Who Justifies
So we differ on the meaning and emphasis of N. T. Greek grammar. Is that indeed significant? Yes, it is. “For a little leaven leavens the whole lump of dough” (Galatians 5:9). Does that difference relate to the teaching of our professors of N. T. Greek? In other words have the professors of N. T. Greek changed their understanding and application of N. T. Greek. However, such a change of our minds could be as the result of further study in …
    Pastor and former Professor N. Alfred Balmer at Jan 06 2017 03:37 pm

“Arise, Shine, for Your Light Has Come” (Sermon on Isaiah 60:1-6, by Pr. Charles Henrickson)
Great …
    Carol Broome at Jan 06 2017 01:33 am

The Cause of Salvation
“We do not see things as they are; we see things as we are.” The authorship of this statement is in dispute, but I think it applies to Luther’s approach to the cause of salvation. He obviously had profound problems with his own righteousness, particularly when he compared it to that of God. When he became convinced from Scripture that we receive the, “righteousness by which we are made righteousness by God” as a gift from God, he …
    George A. Marquart at Jan 05 2017 04:14 pm

Closed Communion: Repentance and Faith
@CKR, thanks for your take. That very much sums up the internal discussion I have had on the …
    Sean at Jan 05 2017 10:44 am

Sermon — Pr. Tony Sikora — Baptism of our Lord
Been reading Nagel again. Almost as good as …
    Dennis Peskey at Jan 05 2017 10:23 am

Closed Communion: Repentance and Faith
God works faith in those receiving the sacrament worthily. We are built up in Word, sacrament, fellowship. These discussions have the tenor of looking over each pastor’s shoulder and are concerned with right practice over right receiving. Our concern is for the worthiness of the recipient, certainly. But no sincere pastor finds assurance of the recipients worthiness in outward signs. At the end of the day, whether confirmed or not, member or …
    CKR at Jan 05 2017 10:19 am