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Why I Quit the Praise Band
@Sean #336

Can we not write our own lyrics and compose our own songs?

How well do you know the most recent LCMS hymnal? It has more new lyrics [32, not counting the liturgy] by just one person, born in 1955,(more “contemporary” than most “contemporary” music), than it has of Luther’s hymns. And he’s not the only new composer in that book.

[A young …
    helen at Feb 28 2017 11:30 am

“Say It!” Says the Little Girl — by Pastor Ryan Loeslie
@Rev. Thomas Handrick, Sr. #1

Luther wasn’t translating from English.

Can you get his words from the …
    helen at Feb 28 2017 11:06 am

Why I Quit the Praise Band
So if the issue isn’t the tune or the instruments, but the lyrics why don’t we as Lutherans embrace the opportunity before us. Can we not write our own lyrics and compose our own …
    Sean at Feb 28 2017 09:58 am

“Say It!” Says the Little Girl — by Pastor Ryan Loeslie
Actually, Dr. ML did not devise the question, “What does this mean?” As he did with most/all of his theological teachings he took it from Holy Scripture, Ex 13:14 and Acts …
    Rev. Thomas Handrick, Sr. at Feb 28 2017 09:02 am

Why I Quit the Praise Band
A couple of thoughts. One of your arguments is why leave behind the hymns and do entirely new music? First, many contemporary worship services still use hymns. Secondly, most of our hymns are less than 500 years old. What happened to the songs that predate them? At one time these hymns were “new” and some were based on folk and bar tunes. It was very likely they could’ve been associated with “worldly” experiences. Having grown up in a Baptist …
    Matt Benge at Feb 28 2017 12:35 am

Why I Quit the Praise Band
I’m pretty sure what the leader meant by, “This is the first time we’ve done this song…” is that it was the first time they’ve done it in service. Every song sung in a church was once “done for the first time.”@Mick …
    Matt Benge at Feb 27 2017 11:19 pm

Why I Quit the Praise Band
i don’t mean to be rude, so please don’t take it like that, this is important. what i feel i see here is the same thing i see when someone makes every excuse they can to not come to grips with the facts of an issue because they don’t want to. I am not suggesting a free ipad, a coffee bar, strobe lights, blah, blah, blah, and you know that. I am suggesting that WITH conventional service, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to reach out to more than one …
    gary at Feb 27 2017 09:23 pm

Why I Quit the Praise Band
@gary #331

Gary, you might want to get caught up on what youth want from …
    Jim Schulz at Feb 27 2017 08:42 pm

Why I Quit the Praise Band
i wholeheartedly agree lyrics are important, although I do think there is room for different “depths” of the lyrics, “Away in a Manger”, is not a deep song, but is still inspirational and has a place. The congregation should not be there for entertainment, (or sleep), but for worship, I have to admit that sometimes I am jealous of some of the southern black churches whose members come away crying and sweaty and worn out from getting into the …
    gary at Feb 27 2017 08:33 pm

Why I Quit the Praise Band
Gary, it’s nothing to do with whether it’s a guitar, piano or organ. My issue with CCM is NOT the instruments, it’s the banal lyrics, oversimplistic pop nature of the majority of the CCM songs I hear on the radio. Not all of them, but most of them are basically just a ripoff of pop rock, and yes, that is wrong. Church is all about Christ, NOT about the group of usually poorly rehearsed musicians commanding attention when they play. Ever …
    Mick at Feb 27 2017 07:56 pm

Why I Quit the Praise Band
so let’s just stop beating around the bush and say it, there is no way a song written after 1900 can have acceptable Christian meaning, any electrically enhanced instrument other than the organ cannot be used because it’s popularity may cause distraction away from Christ, A performance of older hymns must be done to perfection and no unfamiliar songs should ever be used because God deserves better than inadequate performers, but if you do play a …
    gary at Feb 27 2017 07:37 pm

CSL sends out a new cohort of SMP.
@Nathan Rinne #48

Nathan, I don’t really know quite how to answer your question because I don’t know if I completely understand what you mean by how it was worded. Your statement uses a lot of potentially loaded words and I don’t want to make assumptions. In addition, your question is specific to the nature of the gospel; however, the article you posted …
    Sean at Feb 27 2017 05:30 pm

The Blessings of Weekly Communion
I am a big fan of having communion every Sunday. If there is enough time to pass around the offering plate, there is time to perform confession and absolution and distribute the sacrament. I just feel there is too much we miss out on when communion is not provided. If we err, we should err on the side of grace, and the sacrements are means of …
    Sean at Feb 27 2017 04:38 pm

The Shack – A Journey from Pain to Truth to Error – Part 3: Truth to Error
Really enjoying this! We have some Shack advocates looking to make a movie night of it, possibly study the book. Not something I’ve looked forward to having been subjected to “Heaven Is For Real” and “God Is Not Dead” and made to feel like Scrooge when I didn’t succumb to the warm fuzzies.

What gets me is that it seems Paul and this Trinitarian Theology are stripping out all the real Gospel comfort for some mystical Brahmanic concept of …
    CKR at Feb 27 2017 04:16 pm

Imagine My Surprise
@Miguel Ruiz #13

What a sincerely hopeful and encouraging thought to know that there are people like you in our synod who have never encountered these surprises! I hope this will be the case for more and more of our people.

“Jū” can be translated to mean “gentle, soft, supple, flexible, pliable, or yielding.” “Jutsu” can be translated to mean “art” or “technique” …
    Greg Grose at Feb 27 2017 03:01 pm

The Blessings of Weekly Communion
@helen #20
I haven’t seen it at my church either, Helen, and the second service on Sunday lasted for an hour and a half as there were a lot of people in attancance. No one left early and I have never heard anyone complain. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, yet I am. Also, I have never seen anyone sit out and not take …
    Joyful Noise at Feb 27 2017 02:58 pm

The Blessings of Weekly Communion
@cattail #2
At our church we also have men serving on the alter guild. No where does it say this is a job for women …
    Joyful Noise at Feb 27 2017 02:50 pm

Why I Quit the Praise Band
I think it all comes down to execution. First of all, I don’t think that those who engage in contemporary worship necessarily embrace “experientialism” — the theory that experience is the source of knowledge — and I think to make such a broad assertion is insulting. Do some? Maybe. But to paint with such broad strokes is facetious. I have personally seen liturgical services that blend both elements (traditional liturgy and hymns, with …
    Sean at Feb 27 2017 01:56 pm

Restoring and Paying Forward the Lutheran Chorales
@Carol Broome #4

Carol, you make an excellent point about the valuable catechesis in singing the Communion hymns. It’s so true, and I hadn’t thought of it in quite that way. Thank you!

In the church we formerly attended, the leaders chose to eliminate the Communion hymns in favor of playing contemporary musical …
    Ellen at Feb 27 2017 07:48 am

Restoring and Paying Forward the Lutheran Chorales
“For Lutheran hymns are…really sung sermons and catechesis to heart and mind for Christian life and the art of dying in Christ in faith.”

If all hymns were chosen for the Divine Service on the basis of this concept, things would be very different. This goes far beyond “musical preference”, and from our experience, indicates much about the spiritual state of the congregation. We’ve attended a few churches where this standard was followed, …
    Ellen at Feb 27 2017 07:37 am

Why I Quit the Praise Band
I think Pr. Eric’s comments on CCW hit the nail squarely on the head. I don’t go to church to be entertained. The theology of the lyrics of the majority of the CCW songs are either doctrinally questionable at best or too based in experientialism. Oh baby, the one I love, the one I adore…etc. Are we there to worship Christ or date him? Some of these songs are just so beyond inappropriate it is becoming very hard for me to attend on Sundays …
    Mick at Feb 26 2017 10:48 pm

Best Practices for “Ministry”? Report from Rev. Brian Flamme
@Rev. Alan Kornacki #22

Every single one of those “a-okay” people were elected…. …
    helen at Feb 25 2017 01:23 pm

Best Practices for “Ministry”? Report from Rev. Brian Flamme
@Tim Schenks #16

The website for Best Practices for Ministry has the slogan “Bible-based, Gospel-centered, mission-driven, and future-oriented.”
The website slogan for the defunct liberal Jesus First Leadership organization was “For Gospel-centered, mission-driven, and future-oriented leadership in the LCMS.” (You’ll find …
    helen at Feb 25 2017 01:18 pm

Best Practices for “Ministry”? Report from Rev. Brian Flamme
@Randy Yovanovich #2

Here’s my take on the so-called Statement of Assurance.

Blogged Assurance
(Parody to the tune of “Blessed Assurance”)

1. Blog-ged assurance, statement divine!
The CoP says that everything’s fine.
We’re in agreement! We walk as one,
Sipping our Mai Tais in Southern sun.
(refrain) This is our …
    Rev. Alan Kornacki at Feb 25 2017 11:01 am

Imagine My Surprise
@Sean #28

I think we continue to need a healthy dialogue in the LCMS in regard to the proper role of women in the church, using the scriptures as the base from where we start, then working outward to such things as the Lutheran confessions and position papers.
I agree, and that should include the Didache, Apocrypha, enchiridia, etc. When in doubt, let Scripture …
    Mark at Feb 25 2017 09:55 am

Restoring and Paying Forward the Lutheran Chorales
“…the critical catechetical importance of the Lutheran corpus of hymnody (kernlieder) for the furtherance of the Lutheran confession amongst the people. ”

I couldn’t agree with you more.

In the congregation of my youth, it was necessary to sing all or most of the verses of no less than two Communion hymns to continue singing through all of the communicants. Singing all the verses of hymns such as ‘Soul, Adorn Thyself With Gladness’ and …
    Carol Broome at Feb 24 2017 06:51 pm

Restoring and Paying Forward the Lutheran Chorales

Chorales and good hymns do what CoWo can never do, and that is transcend the here and now to link us to the Church …
    J. Dean at Feb 24 2017 06:28 pm

Imagine My Surprise
@Miguel Ruiz #13

“Objectively beautiful.” Thank you! The prevailing idea is that beauty is *purely* subjective. But it’s most definitely not. There is, to be sure, room for personal preferences, but there is also an ultimate Source of …
    Rev. David R. Mueller at Feb 24 2017 12:34 pm

Martin Luther Against Scholastic Theology
Understood. Seems like you see a lot of this in the Table Talks where he emphasizes the role of faith ruling over reason, then you also see elements of this in his correspondence with Erasmus. There is a book by Joel Biermann I also want to get that sort of touches on this subject, I believe it was called A Case for Character. I want to say that he refutes Aristotelian views of Ethics where the role of reason becomes the arbiter or right and …
    Sean at Feb 24 2017 10:18 am

Martin Luther Against Scholastic Theology
Scholastic theologians included theologians from mid-12th century to early 16th century. They sought to explain theology by using philosophy, especially, Aristotle’s writings. Thomas Aquinas was a significant representative of this group from the 13th century. Dr. Luther was trained in late medieval scholastic theology that emphasized the natural, human abilities to turn toward …
    Dr. Matthew Phillips at Feb 24 2017 09:56 am