Great Presentations and Meeting Brothers of John the Steadfast – More Semi-Live Blogging from the Walther Conference”¦

I am not sure what has been better, the presentations by top notch theologians or meeting several Brothers of John the Steadfast. Among the presenters was Pastor Todd Wilken, host of Issues, Etc., a program with which the Brothers are … Continue reading

WWCFWWD “’What Would C. F. W. Walther Do?’ Nearly Live Blogging from St. Louis

Dr. Martin Noland just finished his presentation to the Walther conference in St. Louis. Dr. Noland has written in both of our first two issues of the Steadfast Quarterly and was the opening speaker today. BJS got some good publicity … Continue reading

Matt Harrison Paper without graphics – easier on the printer

Just a quick announcement; this article will disappear within 24 hours, but .. we have found the Matt Harrison paper on the web as a DOC file without all the graphics, suitable for printing without wasting a lot of ink. … Continue reading

The LCMS Nestorianism of the Seventies, by Pr. Klemet Preus

(After a brief interlude for commentary on the Harrison paper, Pastor Preus returns to his series on Christology. This is the third post in a series of seven.) The Lutheran Church Missouri Synod expects all its pastors and congregations to … Continue reading

Matt Harrison’s Emphasis on Doctrine is a Godly Change of Pace After “Glory Bound,” Task Force Proposals, and Ayers Petition News

The Brothers of John the Steadfast was established to encourage laymen to know and promote confessional Lutheranism and to support new Lutheran media such as Issues, Etc. One component of the group is this website which is used to teach … Continue reading

My Mistake, by Pr. Klemet Preus

It has been pointed out to me, and admittedly I knew it already, that Rev. Matt Harrison is not the first person in the last seven and a half years to express concern that the doctrinal divisions in our church … Continue reading

Why Not a Confession? Comments on the Harrison Paper, by Pr. Rossow

I assert that Matt Harrison’s recently published paper “It’s Time” is one of the most significant publications in the last ten years of Lutheranism. I would rank it right up there in terms of significance with Dr. Wohlrabe’s paper “How … Continue reading

Harrison Paper Brings A Record Day for the Website – You Can Make a Difference by Passing it On

We had 203 new readers come to the BJS website yesterday. That is our highest one day total since we started back on June 25. We also had a total of 1,443 unique visitors come to the site yesterday. That … Continue reading

Happy Birthday, Pastor Rossow!

We at the BJS Steering Committee are hijacking the front page of Johnny Steadfast in order to wish a HAPPY 50th BIRTHDAY to our esteemed chairman and publisher: Rev. Tim Rossow.   We exult in this milestone with him and … Continue reading

Roegner resigns (Mollie)

FYI — Dr. Robert Roegner, the executive director of the LCMS Board for Mission Services, announced his retirement yesterday, effective Sunday. This is the board that has overseen world outreach under Ablaze!(tm) as well as actual missionary efforts — which … Continue reading

It’s About Time: The Matt Harrison Solution, by Pr. Klemet Preus

I think it would be appropriate for me to interrupt my series of articles on Nestorianism in the LC-MS to comment briefly on one point made in Matt Harrison’s recently released piece entitled “It’s Time.” Rev. Harrison is the Executive … Continue reading

Meet Me in St. Louie, Louie for the Walther Conference with Noland, Baue, Wilken, Harrison and Others

If your name is Louie, or Matt, or Fritz,  or even John the Steadfast, we encourage you to attend the Walther Conference this Friday and Saturday in St. Louis at Concordia Seminary. I will be there and would be happy … Continue reading

It’s Time (by Mollie)

I haven’t had time to read this yet as my family is preparing to head to Hawaii for a cousin’s wedding. But it is the BUZZ OF THE BLOGOSPHERE right now. It’s a paper on LCMS Unity and Mission by … Continue reading

More Commentary on A Scary Video, by Cantor Phillip Magness

(Editor’s Note: This comment is from the string of comments on Cantor Magness’ last post, “A Scary Video.” Some of you have read it already there but I thought it was worth a read for a broader audience. I have … Continue reading

Reading through the Book of Concord, week of Nov 10th

One of the goals of the Brothers of John the Steadfast is the creation of reading groups whose intention is to get with a Pastor and read through the Book of Concord. For those people who do not have access … Continue reading

Notes on the Liturgy #8 – Collect

This entry is part 8 of 22 in the series Notes on the Liturgy

(One of the goals of Brothers of John the Steadfast is to train the Brothers in good practice and theology. This article is one in a series that teaches about the liturgy. … Continue reading

Bad news for Augsburg Fortress, from Mollie

Sometimes we focus on things that aren’t managed well at Synodical headquarters. But we should also note things that are done well. I am thinking of our wonderful Concordia Publishing House. I doubt people have any idea how much the … Continue reading

Ulrich Zwingli, by Pr. Klemet Preus

(This is part  two of a seven part series on Christology and why it is important for each of us to understand it.) Shortly after Luther had begun his reformation in Germany another reformer gained prominence in Switzerland. His name … Continue reading

Ablaze!(tm) hymn, from Mollie

I don’t know why but I love visiting the Ablaze!(tm) site to read the latest Ablaze!(tm) stories. These are where people share their examples of faith-sharing. And that’s how it’s written: “Share your Ablaze! faith-sharing.” It’s like the Ablaze!(tm) counter … Continue reading

Chris Rosebrough, CEO of Pirate Christian Radio will be the Featured Speaker at the First Annual BJS National Conference, February 13-14

Chris Rosebrough is not only the courageous and generous man who spearheaded the effort to get Issues, Etc. back on the air, he also has a great “testimony” about how he converted to Lutheranism out of American Evangelicalism, in which, … Continue reading

Hearing This Makes it All Worth It…

In our first few months the Lord has accomplished some fine things through the Brothers of John the Steadfast (BJS). We have established a new theological quarterly for laymen, we have got great bloggers and columnists writng several articles a … Continue reading

A Funny and Scary Video

(Editor’s Note: This video and introduction is brought to us by our BJS columnist Cantor Phillip Magness. He got the video  from fellow cantor and BJS chapter founder in New York, Stephen R. Johnson. Cantor Magness writes the  “Not Your … Continue reading

Steadfast Lessons from the Past ““ A Past Steadfast Professor from Concordia ““ Chicago: Dr. Neelak Tjernagel, by The Rev. Walt Otten

(Editor’s note: The Rev. Otten offers a timely post in these days when we struggle with professors at Concordia Chicago who have signed a petition in support of the Marxist-anarchist William Ayers. We thank him for this story of a … Continue reading

Confessions Reading Group Ticker Update: They’re Reading the Augsburg Confession at Augsburg Lutheran Church and there’s Now a Group in the Tetons I Wish I Could Attend Each Monday

How appropriate – they are studying the Augsburg Confession at Augsburg Lutheran Church in Shawnee, Kansas. We have added them and four other groups to the Confessions Reading Group Ticker. All of us should be studying the Augsburg Confession and … Continue reading

BJS Blogger Pastor Klemet Preus to Speak in Missouri

Klemet Preus, author of the book, “The Fire and the Staff: Lutheran Theology in Practice,” and one of our BJS bloggers will be speaking in Missouri–in Kansas City, Columbia, and St. Louis–Thursday-Saturday, November 20-22. Rev. Preus will address such issues … Continue reading