Notes on the Liturgy #6 – Kyrie & Gloria

This entry is part 6 of 22 in the series Notes on the Liturgy

This is part 6 of 22 in the series Notes on the Liturgy(One of the goals of Brothers of John the Steadfast is to train the Brothers in good practice and theology. This article is one in a series that … Continue reading

What About Academic Freedom? Good Discussion About Concordia Profs Supporting William Ayers

We broke the news on Wednesday that several professors from Concordia-Chicago (an LCMS university) signed a petition in support of William Ayers, known for his past life as a liberal activist involved in terrorist fire-bombings which still to this day … Continue reading

No Word from Concordia Chicago Yet on Professors Signatures Supporting William Ayers Petition

Yesterday  we reported that several professors from  Concordia University Chicago  (an institution of the LCMS) have signed a petition that supports William Ayers and his radical views on education.  We called President Johnson yesterday to ask him to request that … Continue reading

An Ablaze “Solution” Proposed by Brother of John the Steadfast Scott Diekmann

Scott Diekmann,  a layman and a Brother of John the Steadfast, one of our favorite bloggers, has proposed a diplomatic “solution” to end our long synodical nightmare, the guilt we all feel for not reaching 100 million souls for Christ. … Continue reading

Concordia University, River Forest Faculty Members Sign Petition Defending William Ayers and the Value of Challenging Orthodoxy, Dogma and Authority, by Pr. Tim Rossow

This is a post about the church, not about politics. The two sometimes intersect, even in a denomination like the LCMS which has a quietist bent when it comes to politics. The two have intersected in a public petition that … Continue reading

Ablaze! Movement stories

So I was reading in the LCMS Reporter that the Ablaze! counter was bumped up by adding any children from the past three school years who attend Lutheran schools but are not a member of a Christian church. Which led … Continue reading

Not Your Grandfather’s Church ““ Visits to Not So Steadfast Churches, by Cantor Phillip Magness

Recently I had the opportunity to visit an LCMS congregation in the northwest suburbs of Chicago. Entering a large sanctuary with free-standing altar and beautiful stained glass, I was cautiously optimistic as I took my seat for the 8:00 “traditional” … Continue reading

“Off on the Wrong Foot,” by Pr. Mark H. Hein

(This is the next post in our regular column “Spiritual Headship in the Church and Home“) Did you know that there are really two “sanctuaries” available to every Christian man, woman, teenager and child? Places to go where they can … Continue reading

Closed Communion: Forcing the Body to be a Body, by Pr. Klemet Preus

(This is the fifth and last post in this series on closed communion.) The most serious threat to the Christian faith which the church faces today is, I believe, American Evangelicalism. It is not the most serious because it deviates … Continue reading

Reading through the Book of Concord, October 20th

One of the goals of the Brothers of John the Steadfast is the creation of reading groups whose intention is to get with a Pastor and read through the Book of Concord. For those people who do not have access … Continue reading

Our Favorite Petition Comments

(Twice a month we will be featuring our favorite quotes from the “Bring Back Issues, Etc.” petition site. The number in the title of the quote refers to the order in which it was recorded on the petition site.) I … Continue reading

Notes on the Liturgy #5 – Introit, Psalm or Hymn

This entry is part 5 of 22 in the series Notes on the Liturgy

This is part 5 of 22 in the series Notes on the Liturgy(One of the goals of Brothers of John the Steadfast is to train the Brothers in good practice and theology. This article is one in a series that … Continue reading

Remembering Collective Shame, by Uwe Siemon-Netto

(Editor’s Note: Uwe is an Advisory member of the BJS Board of Directors. This article has appeared on other sites  including  Concordia Seminary Institute on Lay Vocation at the St. Louis seminary. He has given us permission to reprint it.) … Continue reading

More International News – Sisters Group Started in Czech Republic

Here is a comment we recieved yesterday on the site from Ashley in the Czech Republic. From a reader in the Czech Republic: I don’t know if you have more than one reader in CZ, but if not, then I’m … Continue reading

Sight-seeing vs. missions, by Mollie

Washington Post: Churches Retool Mission Trips Work Abroad Criticized for High Cost and Lack of Value Wall Street Journal: The ‘Great Commission’ or Glorified Sightseeing? LCMS Reporter: Missions seeks 20 short-term teams to serve in Poland As the LCMS brings … Continue reading

Steadfast Quarterly Vol. I, #2 On the Website

Because one should not have to pay for good steadfast theology, once our dues paying members get the Steadfast Quarterly we like to put it up on the site for everyone’s edification. Click here for the online pdf version. This … Continue reading

Foreign Visitors Reading the Website

We are very blessed to have several foreign visitors to the Brothers of John the Steadfast website. As I write this post we have a viewer from Mikkeli, Finland viewing the website. We welcome all our foreign visitors and look … Continue reading

Shoot don’t Shoot: The Proper Distinction between Law and Taunting, by Jonathan Townsend

(Editor’s Note: Jonathan is a laymen from Michigan. His posts can be found in his regular column “I Desire Mercy and Not Satire…” He also writes and produces the John the Steadfast radio spots heard on Issues, Etc.)   It … Continue reading

New Cartoon from Pastor Blazek

Sorry for the long wait for a new cartoon. As usual, Pastor Blazek has given us much food for thought. Enjoy and be edified. (you can click on the cartoon to make it larger) Pastor Rossow … Continue reading

Important Comment on Benke Issue from BJS Website Reader “Bloviator Observer”

(Editor’s Note: Once in a while we get comments on posts that need to be shared for all to read. A comment this evening from BJS website reader “Bloviator Observer” is just one of those comments – actually I just … Continue reading

Book of Concord Website Additions

We previously announced here about the update to the Book of Concord website, and how excited we are with the new look. Much has happened since our initial announcement, including (hopefully) an even easier to read and navigate layout. We … Continue reading

Brothers of John the Steadfast Story Told on Another Great Show on Pirate Christian Radio ““ “Table Talk Radio”

Recently I had a chance to tell the story of the founding of the Brothers of John the Steadfast on Table Talk Radio on a feature they call “Table Scraps.” You can hear the interview with Table Talk Radio host … Continue reading

Pictures and Report from the Installation of The Rev. Todd A. Wilken, from Pr. Michael Kumm

In thanksgiving to the Triune God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, Pastor Todd Wilken was installed as Assistant Pastor of Trinity on October 5, 2008. Pastor Wilken graduated from Concordia Seminary, St. Louis in 1990, and was called to serve … Continue reading

Breaking News: Benke’s Retraction, by Pr. Klemet Preus

(Editor’s Note: We will publish Pastor Preus’ fifth and final post on closed communion later this week. For now we interrupt that series with this timely commentary on breaking news.) Over the weekend David Benke retracted his five year old … Continue reading

BJS Newsreel: Quad Cities Steadfast Group has its Fourth Meeting

(From the BJS Newsreel) Pastor Gary Wright called me yesterday to request BJS materials for the Central Illinois District pastors conference. When I asked him how the Quad Cities Chapter was going he informed me that they have already had … Continue reading