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Sayings -by- Luther

Wilhelm Loehe on Liturgical Freedom -- We must beware of misusing our liturgical freedom to produce new liturgies.

One should rather use the old forms and learn to understand and have a feeling for them before one feels oneself competent to create something new and better. He who has not tested the old cannot create something new. It is a shame when everybody presumes to form his own opinions about hymns and liturgy without having thoroughly looked into the matter. Let a man first learn in silence and not act as if it were a matter of course that he understands everything! Once a man has learned from the old he can profitably use the developments of recent times (in language and methods of speech) for the benefit of the liturgy.

Wilhelm Loehe, Three Books on the Church, p.178


Lutheran Father Sayings #154 by Brothers of John the Steadfast.

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