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Sayings -by- Luther

Only a few church politicians are making an impression on the world today. But this is not because they are churchmen, it is because they are politicians. This is something the Lutheran Churches of the world still have to learn, though they might have learned it from Father Luther, who wasn't nearly so naively unacquainted with the world as many often assert.

The Lutheran Churches are still sunning themselves in the delusion that they have something to expect from the world other than the dear holy cross, which all those must carry who proclaim God's Law and the Gospel of Jesus Christ to mankind. But this delusion will soon disappear.

Our American brethren in the faith will also learn this through painful experiences. Instead of setting up a church office in Washington [D.C.], it would have been better gad they equipped some place somewhere in the solitude of their immense country where prayers would be offered day and night for their government and for the peace of the world. For the church of Christ is not a church that does business with politicians and the press.

She is ecclesia orans. And this is her main calling. Either she is ecclesia orans -- as indeed she showed herself to be already in the catachombs -- or she is nothing.

Herman Sasse, Letters Addressed to Lutheran Pastors, Ecclesia Orans


Lutheran Father Sayings #117 by Brothers of John the Steadfast.

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