Brothers of John the Steadfast

Sayings -by- Luther

No, my dear man, do not recommend to me peace and unity when thereby God's Word is lost, for then eternal life and everything else will be lost. There can be no yielding nor giving way, no, not for love of you or any other person, but everything must yield to the Word, whether it be friend or foe. The Word and doctrine will create Christian unity or fellowship. Where they reign all else will follow. Where they are not, no concord will ever abide. Therefore do not talk to me about love and friendship, if that means breaking with the Word, or the faith, for the Gospel does not say love brings eternal life, God's grace, and all heavenly treasures, but the Word.

Martin Luther (sermons from the year 1531, W.A 34-11-387. "Day by Day We Magnify Thee" p. 384)


Lutheran Father Sayings #323 by Brothers of John the Steadfast.

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