Formatting your Comments on Steadfast Lutherans

BJS News — Comment Formatting

SteadfastLutherans allows most HTML codes to format your comments.

HTML codes are found within < and > symbols, with the following codes useful to you:

<b> – bold the text
<i> – italicize the text
<u> – underline the text (doesn’t work yet)
<strike> – Strike-through text

A code must start and end .. the end of a modified area of the text is the same simply with a slash ( / ) at the beginning. E.g. </b> is the end-code for a bold code — <b>

So, to bold a word, you can type the following;

This is a <b>Bolded</b> word. Note the code at the beginning, and the end-code at the end.

Note that you have to have an endcode for every code that you enter into the text; if you don’t close your codes correctly, the rest of the comment will be bolded (or whatever opening code you used). If this happens, simply email me ideally giving me the URL of the comment and what happened, and I’ll correct it when I’m online next.



Frequently on comments you see something like “username # 34” at the start of someone’s comment. When you are replying to another comment, BEFORE typing anything in the comment field, click on the “reply” in the comment that you are replying to. This will insert the correctly formatted link to the comment you are replying to in the comment field at the bottom of the page. You can then move the cursor to the end of the comment field and start adding your reply to their comment.

Note that “quote” will quote the entire comment, which 99% of the time is NOT what you want, as you want to reply to one specific point that they are making, not their entire comment.



You see several people quoting other’s comments when they make their own. To do this, use the “blockquote” HTML code, such as below:

<blockquote>This is a quoted comment from someone else</blockquote>



To combine codes, you have to remember that the INNER code has to be closed first, so if you bold, THEN italic, you HAVE to close the italic first, then close the bold.

In other words, this is <b><i>bold AND italic</i></b> .. note the italics codes are INSIDE the bold codes.



This isn’t a full tutorial on how to use these codes, nor does it list them all. If you have suggestions on needed improvements to this page, simply comment below.