• Christian Publishing and Romans 16:17
    Introduction Is there ever a cause sufficient to avoid, turn away from, dissociate from, or shun someone? Is there anyone whom we should not bid Godspeed? In the New King James Version, Romans 16:17 reads, “Now I urge you, brethren, note those who cause divisions and offenses, contrary to the doctrine which you learned, and … Read more
  • When Doctrinal Review Misses a Question
    Note: This essay may be downloaded as a PDF here. Sometimes doctrinal review is like what happens frequently in court. A man driving his car across railroad tracks was struck and killed by a train. His widow sued the railroad, contending the railroad crossing was not adequately protected for the safety of motorists. The railroad … Read more
  • Vicarious Satisfaction in Liturgy: Agnus Dei (Lamb of God)
    NOTE: This article may be downloaded as a PDF here. Therefore a Christian must cling simply to this verse and let no one rob him of it. For there is no other comfort either in heaven or on earth to fortify us against all attacks and temptations, especially in the agony of death. (Martin Luther, … Read more
  • New Books by one of our authors…
    Mr. Tom (TR) Halvorson has been busy at work for the good of Lutherans all over. He has produced a couple of volumes that are affordable and contain some wonderful theology. Normally, places might consider his publications as "competition" for Steadfast Press, but we hope to praise all faithful works from faithful authors and publishers, … Read more
  • Lent Devotional as a podcast
    Thanks to the work of Rev. Paul Cain, the Lenten Devotion on the Lord's Supper is available as a podcast. It can be accessed here and is easily adapted to various podcasting services.
  • Chemnitz on Earthly and Heavenly Treasures
    From Martin Chemnitz (in his Harmony): Chemnitz lays out several distinctions that Christ makes here (Matthew 6) between earthly and heavenly things: In earthly matters, the outcome is uncertain and fortune does not correspond to effort.  In godliness we have the sure promise of God about heavenly rewards in eternal life.  Since God cannot lie, … Read more
  • Unionism and Syncretism Bible Study
    This past Spring I taught the board of elders at my congregation, a wonderful group of 14 Christian men who faithfully serve their congregation, about the topic of Unionism and Syncretism using some of CFW Walther's work as a guide. They asked me to teach this to the congregation this past Fall. This PDF is … Read more
  • Concordia, Texas update – Legal records filed with the State of Texas – reveal desires to be free of LCMS oversight… NOW updated with May 2022 records to show this was planned…
    The following is the public filing at the Texas Secretary of State's office. Please take note of the November 8 2022 filed Amendments to the Articles of Incorporation (note what is added and what is removed, especially in relation to the oversight/rule of the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod). Here is the filing. UPDATE – … Read more
  • Given and Shed for You – The Lord’s Supper for Lent devotional published!
    A while ago we released this year's theme and service plan for Lent 2023. See it here. Here is the companion devotional for Lent: Purchase a softcover for $5 at Amazon Purchase a Kindle copy for $3.50 at Amazon Free PDF download for parish/home use A daily podcast version of the devotional is also being … Read more
  • 2023 Lenten Series – “Given and Shed for You – the Lord’s Supper for Lent” – Service Plan
    We are in our sixth year of covering the Small Catechism for Lent, and so we have come to the Sacrament of the Altar for Lenten catechesis. The following service plan is suggested for use with either a prayer office (Vespers recommended), or because of the topic, a Divine Service (DS 3 is recommended). Ash … Read more