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Sisters of Katie Luther — Comfort for Those Tending to the Lord’s Littlest Sheep, Part 1

Part I: The Why of Taking our Children to Church Full of frustration and embarrassment I am driving away. Away from the staring faces, away from the haughty looks, away from the very place I should love to be. I … Continue reading

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Statement to the Northwest District from President Linnemann, by Pr. Rossow

We found this over on the NOW district website under resources titled “Statement to the NOW District from President Linnemann” (PDF found here). It is a sad appeal to democracy and psychology rather than Holy Scripture. President Linnemann prays for guidance from the Holy Spirit while at the same time … Continue reading


Higher Things — Top Ten Reason Why We Use the Liturgy

by The Rev. William Cwirla ((Found by a friend’s facebook posting on higherthings.org)) Why the Liturgy? First a definition and a disclaimer. By “liturgy” I mean the western catholic mass form as it has been handed down by way of … Continue reading

Christ Myth Theory: Horus? Born of a Virgin? Not!

One of the many points falsely claimed in Christ Myth Theory about the supposed dependence of Christ upon the legends of Egypt is the claim that Horus was born of a virgin. The claim is utterly false. Egyptian mythology is … Continue reading

Does your worship prepare you for death?

I had the opportunity to hear an excellent presentation this afternoon from a neighboring pastor (Rev. Shawn Kumm of Zion, Laramie) on Lutheran worship.  One of the best points that he made was related to how worship is meant to … Continue reading

A Historical Review of the Relationship Between District and Synod, by August Suelflow, Summarized by Dr. Ken Schurb

Pastor Charles Henrickson passed along this timely summary of a report given to the synod back in 1961 when structural changes were being considered. It was written by LCMS historian August Suelflow and is summarized for us here by Dr. … Continue reading

Redeeming Holy Days from Pagan Lies: All Hallows’ Eve in the Mediaeval Church and the Reformation

On All Hallows’ Eve 1517 a monk named Martin Luther posted a list of points for discussion and debate at the University of Wittenberg campus church. The campus church is named All Saints’ Church. The regular bulletin board for such … Continue reading

It’s More About the ‘Heart’ Knowledge than it is About the ‘Head’ Knowledge According to St. Louis Sem Magazine, by Pr. Rossow

In this Fall’s edition of “Concordia Seminary,” the magazine of Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, it is reported that the professors remind the students that “it’s more about the ‘heart’ knowledge than it is about the ‘head’ knowledge” (p. 21). This … Continue reading

LCMS prof calls maleness of Jesus/pastors “inconsequential” (by Pr. Charles Henrickson)

I came across an interesting blog article written by Dr. Matthew Becker, an LCMS clergyperson serving as a professor at Valparaiso University. The article is called “The Being of Adam, the New Adam, and the Ontology of Pastors.” In it, … Continue reading

Christ Myth Theory [Jesus is a copy-cat]

This particular claim toward pagan sources for Christianity and Christian Holy Days goes under various names: Jesus Myth Theory, Jesus Mythicism, Mythicism, Copy-cat Theory, and probably other terms. The basic claim is that Christ is a fake: an unoriginal copy-cat … Continue reading

Diamonds in the Rough: Digging for Homiletical Gems in an Anglican Mine

I recently finished The Foolishness of Preaching: Proclaiming the Gospel against the Wisdom of the World by the late Episcopal priest, Robert Farrar Capon. As you might expect from an Episcopalian, his theology is not perfect. Particularly troubling is his overreaction … Continue reading

5 Things That Do Not Offer Salvation

Spend much time at all among Lutherans and you’re likely to eventually hear the phrase “proper distinction of Law and Gospel”. This is something we cherish — the preaching of God’s Law equally balanced with the soothing words of His … Continue reading

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Sisters of Katie Luther — Book Of Concord, Sunday Edition!

Continuing from yesterday, we have more awesomeness from the Confessions. Article XV (VIII): Of Human Traditions in the Church. 13] However, what need is there of a long discussion? No tradition was instituted by the holy Fathers with the design … Continue reading

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Sisters of Katie Luther — Book of Concord for Saturday

if you’re like me, you just don’t have enough time spent reading our Confessions. It’s OK- we’re here for you. What better time than the present to read some great theology? Saturdays and Sundays at SKL we’re going to post … Continue reading

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LCA Issues Open Letter to LCMS Officials to Oppose False Teaching or Resign

The Lutheran Concerns Association has issued an “Open Letter to The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod,” in its newsletter, The Lutheran Clarion, vol. 7, no. 4, March 2015, available online here (page 3). The Open Letter quotes the statement of Synodical President … Continue reading

Sisters of Katie Luther — For Tired Mothers of Small Children

When my first baby was new and small and I was deep in sleep deprivation there was a piece of advice that made me cringe every time I heard it. I could almost feel it coming based on the sweet … Continue reading

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