CPH to produce Desk Diary for Pastors! Fall 2017

Concordia Publishing House has decided to print a great resource for Lutheran pastors, a new desk diary (daily scheduler) that has great information to help us in planning services, sermon preparation, etc.  This is going to replace other planners that … Continue reading

Testimony from Our Forefathers on Contraception or “Child Prevention” Part IV: St. John Chrysostom

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nota bene: Why is this important? Lutherans have insisted from the very beginning of the Reformation that we are not inventing new teachings and only seek to carry forth the pure teaching of the Church which we received from the … Continue reading

Catechesis is not like the McRib!

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post by Pastor Marcus Manley. Pastor Marcus Manley is an LC-MS called minister to St. Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran Church in Ute, Iowa.  He is a husband of one wife (Amy) and father to four children.  The … Continue reading

On the Usefulness of Pagans and Heretics

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The pagan world is useful to the Church. Certainly, it doesn’t seem that way most of the time. We often cry out with David in Psalm 3:2, “O Yahweh, how many are my foes! Many are rising against me!” We … Continue reading

A guest editorial on the practice of birth control by Rev. Dr. Walter A Maier, first Lutheran Hour Speaker and Professor of Old Testament at Concordia Seminary, St. Louis

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Many and contradictory statements have been made to explain (the) drastic declines (in the birth rate), but no reasonable doubt remains that the most pronounced factor in the diminution of our American families is the employment of artificial means to … Continue reading

The Bottom Of The Page – A Trick For Identifying Good Hymns

I remember when I was a boy how my mother received a small gift once from a friend.  It was a keychain.  On the keychain was a little electronic music box which played “Amazing Grace.”  My mom never used it, … Continue reading

Testimony from Our Forefathers on Contraception or “Child Prevention” Part II: Concordia Seminary Professor John H. C. Fritz’s Pastoral Theology

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John H. C. Fritz served as a parish pastor for over 20 years, including two as the president of the Western District of the Missouri Synod, before becoming a professor of church history and pastoral theology at Concordia Seminary St. Louis for 33 … Continue reading

Testimony from Our Forefathers on Contraception or “Child Prevention” Introduction and Part I: Concordia Cyclopedia

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There has been quite a blustery reaction to the letter sent to the Lutheran Witness that was posted on BJS last Tuesday. The letter, authored by Pr. Mike Grieve and signed by a group of pastors, myself included, expressed great disappointment … Continue reading

A Fantastic Conference – Register Now!

Consider yourself invited.  July 21-22, 2017. Register here. You know you want to spend a couple of days in Denver hearing faithful teaching. Where else would you rather be? Join us at Hope Lutheran Church in Aurora, CO on July … Continue reading

The Most Memorable Sunday School Lesson Ever

After my parents, one of my heroes of the faith growing up was a man named Frank Knoll.  Growing up at Immanuel Lutheran Church outside of Radium, MN in the 80s and 90s, Frank was a good role model for … Continue reading

Rejecting God’s Gift of Children

The January 2017 life issue of The Lutheran Witness, with stories on the joys and challenges of adoption, the importance of human life at any age, and the clear moral dangers of transhumanism, to name a few, provide the Christian … Continue reading

The Lord Be With You

“FOR THE LORD’S SPEAKING OF HIS WORDS” That’s what Dr. Norman Nagel says is going on in the Divine Liturgy when: “The Lord be with you,” is spoken by the presiding minister, the man put there as the instrument for … Continue reading

Golden Theology from Johann Gerhard

Just got this note from the assistant editor of the forthcoming Gerhard volume On Justification, part of the English translation of his Theological Commonplaces being produced by CPH. A straight forward and much needed statement of the difference between justification and … Continue reading

“Jesus Isn’t White”

Around this time of the year (Ascension and Pentecost), I hear a lot about Matthew 28 and how congregations need to engage more in missions. This is a good thing, I suppose. What’s unfortunate, however, is that white pastors guilt … Continue reading

God Tirelessly Working for Humanity

GOD TIRELESSLY WORKING FOR HUMANITY A Review of Rev. Mark J. Cares book: God The Ultimate Humanitarian I learned of Pastor Cares through his very fine book on witnessing to Mormons, Speaking the Truth in Love to Mormons, in the … Continue reading

The Means of Wrath

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There are two cups: the Cup of Salvation (Ps. 116:13) and the Cup of Wrath (Is. 51:17). And if you will not drink from the first, you will drink from the second. The Cup of Salvation brims with wine of … Continue reading

Who’s Catholic and Apostolic?

Here’s a story which may or may not be completely metaphorical. Pseudonymous pastors Kris and Theo were overseers of the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic church, in nearby countries.  Both professed allegiance to the Old Roman Creed, and believed that … Continue reading


This entry is part 4 of 11 in the series The Book of Judges

What would happen if an entire generation failed to recount the mighty works of God to their children? What if these children could recite humorous lines from their favorite cartoon characters, or the lyrics to every hit in the Top … Continue reading

Jesus First rebranded as Congregations Matter. Really?

A new anonymous “group” has formed in the sphere of LCMS politics, it’s called Congregations Matter.  I like congregations and in God’s eyes they matter a whole bunch, because they are made of God’s people gathered around the pure Gospel … Continue reading

Neither Lion Nor Dragon

Very beautiful is the statement of Augustine in which he says of his mother Monica that she bound her soul with the chain of faith to that sacrifice which is dispensed in the Lord’s Supper so that neither lion nor … Continue reading

Judges 1:21-2:5, The Victors Capitulate

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And he brought them to the territory of his holiness, The mountain that his right hand had acquired. And he drove out the nations before their faces, And he apportioned to them an inheritance with the measuring line, And he … Continue reading

A Jubilate Sonnet

    What is this joy that none can take from me? Is there a happiness that has more pow’r Than pain, than guilt, than life’s sad final hour? Could eyes that earth can grant such heaven see? Or could … Continue reading

A Poem on Revelation 20

A thousand years is longer than The calendars of mortal men; When faith beholds a three-year trial, She hears of Christ’s “A little while.” The devil can alone be bound By what is in the Scriptures found, The preaching of … Continue reading

Christ and The Church Marriage Devotion is Now Available

I’ve already written a review of this magnificent devotion here. It is now available through Lulu in its final form for only $4.37.  Here’s the description from Lulu: “Christ and the Church” is a thirty-day devotional book for husbands and wives. It … Continue reading

Judges 1:1-20, Grizzled Grasshopper Stamps Out Giants

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Judah – O you! – your brothers shall give thanks to you. Your hand shall be on the neck of your enemies. The sons of your father shall bow down to you. Judah is the cub of a lion; From … Continue reading