LCMS Convention Levity

Concentrating when you and your assigned seat have become one can be problematic. One more “Press ‘one’ for ‘yes,’ press ‘two’ for ‘no’ ” and I’m gonna storm the dais. And I don’t need another guy going to the microphone … Continue reading

The State of Lutheranism in America: Dominated by Negligence and Indifference, But Not Without Hope

A great post out of our archives — note that the discussion on the original post is worth re-reading. I’ve included some of the comments below. This post was originally penned by Dr. C.F.W. Walther in 1846 .. a reminder … Continue reading

The Utter Failure of the Church Growth Movement

In what had been touted for decades as the movement able to rescue the American Christian Church from extinction, The Church Growth Movement (CGM) has itself become extinct.  Yes, the Church Growth Movement has lost its movement.  It had been … Continue reading

LCMS Resolution 12-07A: Is This Dissent?

It didn’t take long for the quips to fly regarding the just-passed LCMS Convention Resolution 12-07A, “To Clarify Definition of Dissent.” This circularly humorous question was posed on Facebook: Can I dissent on Facebook with Resolution 12-07A, adopted 684 to … Continue reading

The Dramatic Resuscitation of AC XIV

When I heard President Harrison state at the Emmaus Conference in 2011 that the Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod was a confessional Lutheran church body I raised an eyebrow. I no longer, and you no longer, need raise that eyebrow. My hesitation … Continue reading

Convention Day Two – The Ugly

The Second Day of the LCMS Convention is over. Today saw some good things happen, including fellowship agreements and elections. By the second half of the day, a rather vocal minority began using even more parliamentary tactics to delay debate … Continue reading

Convention Day Two – The Good.

Day two of the National Convention of the LCMS has concluded.  Today had some really good results in elections.  The new Secretary of the Synod is going to be Rev. Dr. John Sias.  He will be able to serve our … Continue reading

Convention Day One Recap

Today was a day of elections.  The Convention considered some resolutions (including some good national and international witness matters), but the main thing that happened today was the elections.  The Convention decided to reelect the incumbent Vice Presidents (with a … Continue reading

LCMS Election 2016 – Secretary of the Synod – Rev. Dr. John Sias

There are a few elections that I would like to spotlight here at Steadfast in the coming week leading up to the Convention (if I have time).  The first one I want to focus on is for the office of … Continue reading

Are You Voting for Luther or Eck?

Philip Melanchthon, author of the Augsburg Confession, sat in Augsburg in early May of 1530 pondering the details of his defense of the Lutheran position to be presented before Emperor Charles V at the upcoming Diet. His contemplation was brought … Continue reading

Pietism as the basis of “Lay Ministry”

Lay Ministry – especially that of the Licensed Lay Deacon program – is nothing more than an outbreak of Pietism in the LC—MS. Now that I’ve got your attention, hear me out: the most common form of Pietism in the … Continue reading

The Breastless Ones

The Breastless Ones Until less than a century ago, all of humanity was nursed at the breast.  The 20th Century brought with it wonderful advancements for taking care of children whose mothers could not produce enough milk or had some … Continue reading

Personal Devotions during the busy-ness of family life

Jesus loves me!  This I know, for the Bible tells me so. Little ones to Him belong;  They are weak, but He is strong. Yes, Jesus loves me!  Yes, Jesus loves me! Yes, Jesus loves me! The Bible tells me … Continue reading

Pastors and Laymen in the Storm

I remember 2011 as a burnishing year, like nothing I’ve ever endured before. Not even the death of my only brother could compare. That was a much easier yoke to carry. Trial, strife, discord, anger, venom, and yes, even violence…all … Continue reading

The importance of AC 14 – A Former Licensed Lay Deacon Speaks Out

I believe that the Book of Concord is a right and true exposition of God’s Word. I hold a quia subscription to it, recognizing the importance of our Confessional statements in keeping us true to the Christian Faith. So then, … Continue reading

Sacred Meditations: Learning to Pray via Podcast

Our Lord Jesus taught us to pray, that is, actually to engage in praying (see Matthew 6:7-13; 7:7-8; Luke 11:1-13). Jesus reminded us of the importance of prayer when He quoted Isaiah 56:7—“my house shall be called a house of … Continue reading

Terror in Orlando: What Should We Do?

  After Omar Mateen, a 29-year-old Muslim from Fort Pierce, Florida, murdered at least 49, and wounded another 53 at “Pulse,” an LGBT nightclub in Downtown Orlando, many don’t know what to do. As Christians, what are we to do … Continue reading

Harrison wins re-election

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE The Bylaws of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod (LCMS) instruct the Secretary of the Synod to notify the candidates in the Synod’s presidential election of the results of the balloting at least two weeks prior to the convention. … Continue reading

Women in the Military

A friend has written some thoughtful comments about the prospect of requiring young women to register for the draft.  I thought I would share them with the readers of Brothers of John the Steadfast.   Pastor Rolf Preus   In … Continue reading

Communion Practice: Evangelical or Legalistic, Ecumenical or Sectarian

Closed communion is evangelical and ecumenical. Open communion is legalistic and sectarian. Closed communion is the practice of communing only those who have been instructed in the pure doctrine of the Scriptures. This doctrine is summarized in the six chief … Continue reading

Checks and Balances are a good thing for governance

I am a Senior Pastor.  I not only am responsible by Divine Call for preaching, teaching, baptizing, absolving, and communing, but according to human arrangement I am also to lead, develop, supervise, and other things of an administrative nature. With … Continue reading

Thoughts on the LCMS Convention: Floor Committee Work — by Pr. Jacob Sutton

Rev. Jacob Sutton Pastor, Immanuel Evangelical Lutheran Church Terre Haute, Indiana Floor Committee #6 – Seminaries I have been asked to write about the recent floor committee weekend in St. Louis for this blog. In order to be fair to … Continue reading

Great Stuff — Gottesdienst: Harrison for President

Found over on Gottesdienst Online   The LCMS is blessed to have a large number of faithful men who would be capable of leading the Synod. The three men who will appear on the ballot for President of Synod at … Continue reading

Issues, Etc. Anniversary

Dear Pastor, June 30 marks the eight-year anniversary of the return of Issues, Etc. In 2008, Issues, Etc. was being heard on more than 100 radio stations nationwide, on Sirius-XM satellite radio, and worldwide via the Internet. It was shut down and silenced during … Continue reading

Vote Collar – A Top 15 List

  The Top 15 Reasons Why I’m Voting for Matt Harrison for LCMS President 15. He’s evangelical and catholic. 14. He wears a clerical collar – because he has a high view the Office of the Holy Ministry without being … Continue reading