Please Help Pastor John Henry and His Family

Pastor John Henry and his family have been through a terrible ordeal involving extremely high levels of lead in the home and the risk of lead poisoning (explained in more detail below by Lutheran Church Charities). They were forced to get rid … Continue reading

Learning from Eli

Eli was derelict in his duties as high priest. He did not keep his sons in check. Working as priests under Eli’s supervision, his sons Hophni and Phinehas stole offerings from God, threatened worshippers with violence, and fornicated with women … Continue reading

The Second Table of the Law and Sanctification by Martin Luther

Beyond these seven chief ways of Christian sanctification there are also additional external marks by which the holy Christian church is recognized. Put another way: The Holy Spirit sanctifies us also according to the Second Table of the Law. The … Continue reading

Why Do We Distinguish Between Sins? by Martin Chemnitz

203 Do the Remains of Sin Exist and Remain in the Reborn in This Life? They by all means are and remain. For though [the reborn] are ruled by the Holy Spirit, yet they complain that nothing good dwells in … Continue reading

Advice from Dr. C.F.W. Walther When Considering a Call

Editors Note – I received this small snippet from a friend – The volume (Walther’s Pastoral Theology) it belongs to is coming out in early 2017 and will be quite a gift to the whole English speaking Evangelical Lutheran Church. … Continue reading

Some Thoughts on The Third Use of the Law and Preaching by Kurt Marquart

Our preaching needs to serve and communicate the three permanent witnesses on earth, the spirit (or the blessed Gospel words which are spirit and life, St. Jn. 6:63), the water of Holy Baptism, and the Blood of the New Testament, … Continue reading

Who Is “Apt to Teach”?

One of the Biblical qualifications for those who are to be Pastors is that they must be “apt to teach.”  Teach the faith, that is.  But if we are honest with ourselves, we have all experienced the work of many … Continue reading

Let Us Not Be Beastly

Dear Readers, With a modestly successful string of slubberish and solecistic posts, scrawling for BJS since its start in 2008, it’s time for me to stow my inkwell. I told my wife a while back that I was going to … Continue reading

One Giant Leap for Lutherans in Africa (and a small personal step for me), by Pr. Rossow

Lutherans in Africa (LIA) has been on a steady growth rate since its founding a few years ago. Just in the last year steps have been taken to add another missionary to the team and land has been purchased and … Continue reading

I Don’t Want The Lord To End Up In This Box

A lot of Lutherans have seen and shared this meme with Hank Hill from the animated series “King of the Hill”:     It’s a hilarious and accurate meme.  Yet, there’s another scene from that same episode, “Reborn to Be … Continue reading

Solus Christus – A free Reformation Devotion for Advent

Celebrate Advent this year by using a devotion that is also in tune with the coming 500th Anniversary of the Reformation.  Solus Christus is a devotion written by Lutheran pastors and provided via Steadfast in the Parish for congregations and … Continue reading

Review of Rev. Dr. Frederic Baue’s book “The Pilgrim”

“The Pilgrim” by F.W. Baue.  Available from Pergola Press and for sale at Review by Holly Scheer The Pilgrim is, in many ways, a book about baseball. Beyond baseball, it’s a book about a very Lutheran family, a family that … Continue reading

My Father’s House: A Poem about Freedom

I wrote this poem back in June, not knowing how this election would turn out.  I thank God that the pro-baby-murderers did not win the day.  I pray that God continues to have mercy on our nation and draw us to … Continue reading

10 Signs a Church May Be Trying Too Hard to Be Hipster

Nobody wants to be on the losing team.  In an effort to attract a larger clientele, many businesses attempt to project that their services or products are a lot more popular than they necessarily are, in order to leverage peer … Continue reading

I Know My Faith is Founded

I know my faith is founded On Jesus Christ, my God and Lord; And this my faith confessing,  Unmoved I stand on His sure Word. Our reason cannot fathom The truth of God profound; Who trusts in human wisdom  Relies … Continue reading

Should Churches Be Tax Exempt?

By Pastor Travis Berg Recently, I’ve seen quite a few memes arguing for the taxation of churches. These memes have pictures of mansions or of Joel Osteen on them. So, I thought I’d write a “little” post on tax exemption … Continue reading

The Imperishable Charm of Lutheran Hymns

We just celebrated the Festival of the Reformation. A central part to the success of the Reformation was the hymnody. Lutheran hymnody took the world by storm nearly 500 years ago. Though one of the first hymnals only contained 25 … Continue reading

Dr. Montgomery’s post-debate statement

Editor’s Note: I have asked the debate participants to provide some final thoughts about their debate experience. Below is what Dr. Montgomery provided. I want to thank both Dr. Kloha and Dr. Montgomery  for participating. I think it has advanced … Continue reading

God’s Forgetful Forgiveness

3Sometimes we struggle to forgive. When someone sins against us, we can have trouble forgiving. Especially when we have been really badly hurt, we feel that the offending party doesn’t deserve forgiveness from us. Even when we try to forgive, … Continue reading

Flashback Posts working again

  Because people have commented on it, I felt the need to announce a change to the BJS homepage. The “Flashback” feature was originally designed to bring some of our “oldie but goodie” posts to your attention periodically. Unfortunately for … Continue reading

A Poem on the Cuts at Carmel

The heathen gladly cut themselves while to their gods they cry – It gives their spirits courage, as they give and groan and sigh; Though human praise and accolades is all the prize they’ve won It gives their left hand … Continue reading

Kloha / Montgomery Debate Audio

For those who want to listen to the debate in the car, a friend of Steadfast Lutherans has submitting this MP3 file for our use. or download it here   … Continue reading

Welcome to a new Associate Editor – Pastor Andrew Packer

The past few months have been rather busy on the organizational side of the Brothers of John the Steadfast (or Steadfast Lutherans).  We have restarted much of the organization, including having a new Board of Directors.  At our first meeting, … Continue reading

Advent 2016 – with a Reformation Series

Coming up in a little over a month, the new Church Year gets started with Advent.  It is a very common thing to have a midweek service in the congregation with a special theme.  This year, for Steadfast in the … Continue reading

The Preeminence Within the Simul (Iustus > Peccator)

I would like to give some thoughts concerning what we often refer to as the simul, short for simul iustus et peccator, “at the same time righteous and sinner.” When we think of this paradox we might think of Romans … Continue reading